Strategic Plan: One Family, Future Focused

One Family, Future Focused: The Strategic Plan for DePaul College Prep 2021-2026, was adopted by the Board of Directors on January 13, 2021. The Plan continues the momentum and accomplishments realized  by the successful completion of our first strategic plan, Vision 2020: Faith in our Future

This Plan has five Pillars: Academic Success; Faith Life; Culture and Community Development; Financial Growth and Sustainability; and Campus Operations.  Under each Pillar there are Areas of  Focus on which we will concentrate our efforts between now and 2026.  The summary document identifies the five Pillars and the Areas of Focus.  Implementation of the Plan will be guided by numerous key performance indicators against which our Board, Administration, Faculty and Families will measure our collective progress over the next five years.

Our Vision and Mission Statements, along with our core values of Faith, Respect, Excellence, Service and Health, are central to our identity as a Vincentian, Catholic community of learning and faith, and will guide all of our work under the One Family, Future Focused Strategic Plan.  Continue to watch the website for updates on our progress!

First page of the PDF file: DCP21_StrategicPlan2026_127v2