Strategic Plan: Vision 2020

In 2015, the Board of Directors, Administration and Faculty of DePaul College Prep developed and began implementing the school’s first strategic plan. Vision 2020: Faith in our Future is our five year blueprint for success in six key areas: Learning Environment and Faculty Growth; Student Life and Community Engagement; Catholic Identity and Heritage; Marketing; Facilities; and Finance.

Embedded within the plan and in all we do are our four Core Values: Faith, Respect, Excellence and Service. DePaul Prep consciously partners with our students, our families, our faculty, our academic partner DePaul University and the larger Chicago community to create a supportive and successful learning environment for our students. In turn, as an important community anchor in Chicago, we embrace our responsibility to educate students how to use their God given talents to help make our city and our world a better place.

By addressing the goals of Vision 2020, DePaul Prep will contribute to the betterment our society as we achieve our vision to help create a compassionate, educated and just world, one student at a time.

Vision 2020: Year Two Accomplishments

Implemented salary schedule recognizing academic level and length of teaching experience for 2017-18

Continued professional development in use of one to one technology for teaching and learning

AdvanceEd preparation and site visit – participation by all academic and administrative units

First full year of operation of Office of Mission and Values – enhancement of liturgies, service opportunities, retreats for all classes, recognition of students who exemplify core values

Established stronger ties with Office of Mission and Values at DePaul University

Created opportunity for student government officers to learn from student government at DePaul University

Music department established; drum line created

Theater Society presented spring play at DePaul University Theatre School

Girls soccer and softball played home games on Wish Field of DePaul University

Introduced Schoology as tool for parents to have closer ties to students’ teachers and assignments

Strengthened role of Advancement and Advancement Committee

Held informal social gathering of mothers and small events for families in homes

Restructured Parent Association to support school’s mission

Instituted regular letters from the President to families

Office of Mission and Values began work to create a service learning curriculum

Juniors service retreat at Misericordia

Structured approach to service and retreats implemented

Added two Admissions Counselors to expand marketing efforts

Established DePaul University Partnership Committee of the Board of Directors

Developed new website

Installed new classroom and office furnishings

Installed new copiers equipped with bar code readable software to reduce waste and control costs

Continued evaluation of short and long term facilities needs

Operated under second year of balanced budget

Enforced rules about tuition payment

Established DePaul College Prep Foundation

Established first new endowed scholarship: Tom Kleinschmidt Endowed Scholarship

Hired professional Director of Finance and Operations

I. Learning Environment and Faculty Growth

Goal: Enhance academic programs and support faculty growth.


  • Attract and retain an outstanding faculty
  • Strengthen current and develop new high-quality academic programs to support learning and innovation
  • Strengthen and expand the use of technology
  • Enhance the current program of support services for students
  • Focus the DePaul Prep community on the growth of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program

II. Student and Community Engagement

Goal: Enhance the daily life and extra-curricular experience of the students through opportunities for student growth and enrichment within a diverse community committed to the mission and vision of the school.


  • Cultivate a holistic education grounded in Catholic teaching
  • Create a culture of philanthropy within the DePaul College Prep community, while strengthening the connection between our students and families to the school's mission and core values
  • Engage faculty, staff and parents to facilitate and model student development academically, spiritually, athletically and creatively in the life of the school community
  • Engage faculty, staff and parents to support the mission and vision of the school
  • Enhance and expand the student Community Service program

III. Catholic Identity and Heritage

Goal 1: Become a school with a strong Catholic identity based on the dual charisms of the Resurrectionists of the Congregation of the Resurrection and the Vincentians of the Congregation of the Mission.


  • Integrate and communicate the mission, vision and Catholic identity of DePaul Prep to students, parents, faculty and staff
  • Prepare our diverse student body for a global world by making service a key value and element of the culture of the school; involving students, parents, faculty and staff in service related projects; and demonstrating how service relates to the academic and Catholic identity of the school
  • Develop a strong Catholic identity through communication and liturgy while still being inclusive to non-Catholic students
  • Develop days of reflection and assemblies on the four pillars of our core values: faith, respect, excellence and service

Goal II: Reignite a sense of history of the Catholic high schools of Gordon Tech and Archbishop Weber in Chicago, and promote a love for the past and a pledge for the future.


  • Develop public spaces in the school for the heritage of Gordon Tech, Weber High School and the Congregation of the Resurrection
  • Engage DePaul Prep students in conducting and preserving oral history interviews with alumni, faculty and staff of Gordon Tech and Weber High School to reflect the heritage of the schools and the roles the schools played n the Catholic heritage of Chicago
  • Explore the creation of scholarships that commemorate Rev. Francis Gordon and Archbishop Weber at DePaul College Prep

IV. Marketing

Goal: Bring the DePaul College Prep brand to life ensuring a strong pipeline of academically qualified students who reflect the core values of faith, respect, excellence and service.


  • Meet or exceed annual enrollment targets
  • Raise awareness of DePaul College Prep among target audiences
  • Bring the DePaul College Prep brand to life
  • Clarify DePaul College Prep's point of difference
  • Establish DePaul College Prep as an anchor institution in the community

V. Facilities

Goal: Create a welcoming, safe, fully equipped, accessible and environmentally efficient facility for students, faculty and staff.


  • Identify, assess and complete short term renovations and repairs to the facility
  • Develop appropriate funding mechanisms to support ongoing renovations and repairs to the facility
  • Identify and assess the long term facility needs
  • Develop capital campaign and funding mechanisms to support and maintain long term facility plans for growth

VI. Finance

Goal: Achieve a balanced budget as quickly as possible while continuing to invest appropriately to improve the academic quality of the institution. Work to reduce the dependence on philanthropic support to fund ongoing operations so that gift activity can be used to develop a reserve fund supporting financial aid, scholarships and long term capital improvements.


  • Establish policies and procedures to ensure financial oversight for budgeting and financial planning, reporting and the monitoring of internal controls
  • Develop an advancement plan to establish an endowment to support and shift the burden of financial aid from the operating budget to a more balanced funding source
  • Develop a sustainable operations model
  • Create a multi-year operating budget that integrates the strategic plan goals and objectives