Summer Curriculum Guide

All summer courses at DePaul College Prep are reserved only for registered students of DePaul College Prep, for the 2018-2019 school year. There will be a minimum of 7 students required for any course to begin, unless specified. DePaul College Prep reserves the right to cancel courses and refund money, if registration does not meet the above requirements.


Full Year: 125 Summer School Hours = 1 credit

Semester: 62.5 Hours = 0.5 credit

Courses will typically run from June 11th – June 28th(June 28th will be the final exam) for 5 hours per day for first session and from July 9th - July 26th (July 26th will be the final exam)for second session. Classes will begin at 8am and finish at 1pm. Some enrichment courses may have alternate dates and hours.


$800 for the full year course of 125 hours.

$400 will cover the cost of semester classes of 62.5 hours.

To Register for classes:

Registration forms are currently available in the main office.


Summer Curriculum Guide List of Classes:

143 Algebra2/Trigonometry (CP)

Grade: 11, 12

Credit: 1.0

Prerequisite: Minimum grade of “C” in Algebra 1 (CP) and Geometry (CP) and instructor approval.

Course Description: The student will expand the knowledge obtained in algebra to do increasingly more complex problems and applications. In addition, students will learn the properties and applications of the six trigonometric functions.

222 Chemistry (CP)

Grade: 10

Credit: 1.0

Prerequisites: For (CP) a minimum of “B” in both semesters (CEP) and previous instructor approval.

Course Description: The student will learn about the existence of atoms, the building blocks of matter, and their structure. They will learn how these atoms make up all the known elements and compounds. Students will study the elements and their arrangement on the periodic table. They will study the dynamics that go into elements combining to form new substances/compounds. They will study their properties both physical and chemical. They will learn to write the symbols of elements, the formulas of compounds, and express their reactions in the form of chemical equations. All of the measurements used in understanding the above are done in the metric system; therefore, students will study and use the metric system.

311 World & American Studies 1:

Prehistory to the Renaissance/Reformation

Grade: 9,10,11,12

Credit: 1.0

Course Description: World and American Studies 1 is a crucial step towards the study of history. In this course, students will be able to use the past to form a meaningful understanding of our diverse cultural heritage and to guide their decisions as citizens of a democracy. Students will understand how features of geography have helped shape human history and economics. Students will use knowledge of political systems, especially our American system, to make informed decisions about governing their communities. Students will use methods of social science investigation to answer questions about society. Students will analyze public issues and construct and express thoughtful positions on these issues. Students will act constructively to further the public good. Topics include Ancient man, Early River Valley Civilizations, First Empires, Greece and Rome, Eastern and African Civilizations, Middle Ages, Renaissance, and the Age of Exploration. This is a required course.

540 Summer School Theology Elective

Grade: 10,11,12

Prerequisite: Must be a DePaul Prep student for at least one full semester and at least a rising sophomore

Credit: 0.5

Course Dates: June 18 – June 22nd this includes the classroom portion 8am – 3pm with a one-hour break. The service trip will take place during Spring Break 2019.

Students attending the spring break service trip to Costa Rica will enroll in a 5-day summer school course focused on the intersection of faith, service, and social justice. The price of the course and trip is $2900 and includes all flights, accommodations, meals, activities for the spring break trip to Costa Rica and .5 credit of Theology. Students must submit an application in order to apply for the trip and course. Please see Ms. Orr for full trip and course details.

912 Health Education

Grade: 9,10,11,12

Credit: 0.5

Course Description: Students will learn to make decisions and take appropriate action towards leading a healthy, fulfilling life. The class will be introduced to a variety of health related concepts and issues that the students can control towards leading a healthy lifestyle. The students will become aware of basic health concepts such as maintaining personal hygiene as well as avoiding situations in which they could acquire disease related illnesses. The course also teaches students how to manage and maintain mental and emotional wellness while making them aware of disease and violence prevention. The material taught in this course is student-centered instruction and appeals to the interests and concepts that students preparing for college may encounter. The students will be able to develop their literacy skills along with skills pertaining to other academic areas through a variety of interdisciplinary learning and journal documenting. The information shared throughout this course will allow the students to be more knowledgeable in a variety of health concepts allowing them to make better decisions in life pertaining to their personal health and wellness.

927 Summer Fitness—Kinetic Wellness

Incoming 9,10,11,12

Credit: 0.5

The Summer Fitness course offers current DePaul College Prep students and incoming DePaul College Prep students an opportunity to earn Kinetic Wellness credit during the summer. This course implements a rigorous aerobic workout to students four times a week that will enhance cardiovascular endurance as well as muscular strength, speed, and power. Students will also be placed into leadership roles four times a week allowing them opportunities to display extensive responsibility and practice taking initiative. Lastly, students will demonstrate acceptable organization and communication skills as they prepare and implement two lesson plans to campers during the six-week course.

Freshman Bridge Program

Grades: Incoming Freshmen

(June 18 – July 19)

Period 1 is 8am - 9:30am and Period 2 is 9:40am - 11:10am.

Classes will not take place on Friday.

Classes are in session from Monday—Thursday. Classes will not be in session the week of July 2 – 5.

All incoming freshmen are welcome. Some students may be required to take one or both periods depending on Admissions Committee requirements. Cost: $250/class and $500 for both classes.

Math (Pre-Algebra) Teacher: Mr. Connor

English (Reading/Writing) Teacher: Ms. Ziccarelli

All students are required to bring the following if attending the Summer Bridge Program:

1 ½ inch 3-ring binder 1 spiral notebook

20 binder tabs/dividers A highlighter and pens/pencils

Loose leaf paper Novel To be determined

Introduction to Digital Learning

July 23 – July 26

8am – 9:35am

No Credit is provided for this course

Cost $200

Grades: Incoming Freshmen

The Successful Learning in a Digital Environment Course explains to students how Schoology, the school’s Learning Management system (LMS) works, and provides tips on successful digital learning. Students are introduced to the tools they will use during their high school experience, including Schoology, Notability, Turnitin, and various presentation and design tools. Students will take part in online discussions and practice submitting computer-scored assessments and other assignments to teachers. Lifelong learning skills such as time management and study habits are also covered. By the end of the course, students will be fully prepared to begin their high school courses at DePaul College Prep

For information on our various sports and summer camps, please contact DePaul Prep Athletic Director, Paul Chabura, at