The DePaul College Prep Counseling Team provides student support which includes a balanced focus on academic excellence, college readiness, and social-emotional wellness.

With Students, we will:
  • Develop self-management, self-advocacy, and social skills necessary to achieve academic success in high school and higher education
  • Empower students to become educated, compassionate and just global citizens
  • Care for students as individuals, celebrating our diversity
  • Ensure readiness for college and career options through rigorous academic planning and course sequencing
With Parents & guardians, we will:
  • Ensure families have and use the tools to remain knowledgeable about their students’ current progress
  • Provide strategies, resources and referrals for additional student and family support as needed
  • Provide parent education on salient topics related to adolescent development
  • Engage in regular dialogue with families in order to navigate through an optimal high school experience and maximize postsecondary options
With Faculty, we will:
  • Commit to regular and frequent communication regarding student progress and needs
  • Develop a collaborative partnership to grow our collective understanding of how to support all learners
  • Be an integrative member of the DePaul College Prep community by being visible within the school environment and throughout the school day
  • Partner to ensure students are successfully engaged in academically rigorous college preparatory courses


Requesting Transcripts

Any students or alumni who wish to receive a copy of their transcripts, or have their transcripts mailed, may contact the Office of the Registrar. Please allow two business days for your request to be processed.

Office of the Registrar
Ms. Mary Hubbard
(773) 423-5016

Our Team

Ms. Katie Hassberger

Ms. Katie Hassberger

College Counselor
Ms. Jennifer Crawford

Ms. Jennifer Crawford

Counselor, Freshmen-Juniors (A-L), Cheerleading Coach
Ms. Nicole Pinelli

Ms. Nicole Pinelli

Counselor, Freshmen-Juniors (M-Z), Freshman Girls Basketball Coach
Ms. M. Nicole Rand

Ms. M. Nicole Rand

Learning Specialist, Counselor
Mr. Clarence Telkes

Mr. Clarence Telkes

Athletics Counselor
Ms. Heidi Bojorges

Ms. Heidi Bojorges

IB Coordinator

Counseling News