The Theology Department offers classes that bring DePaul Prep’s Catholic identity alive and helps students arrive at a mature, living, and vital faith. Theology classes present opportunities for students to develop an intellectual understanding of the life and message of Jesus Christ while simultaneously encouraging students to apply the teachings of our Catholic faith in their lives by embodying DePaul Prep’s core values of Faith, Respect, Excellence and Service.

The Catholic identity of DePaul Prep is further supported through the Office of Mission and Values in partnership with students, faculty, staff and parents through retreats, liturgies and reflections which reinforce the tenets of our faith.

Introduction to Catholicism

411 Introduction to Catholicism (CP)

Grade: 9 (Fall Semester)

Credit: 0.5

Course Description: Sophomores are introduced to basic foundational concepts of the Roman Catholic Church. The range of topics includes: the historical Jesus, discipleship, grace, sacraments, saints, image of church, and trinity. The Catholic faith is presented at a level that is appropriate to the developmental level of the adolescent. Catholic Identity class allows the student to explore their own spirituality and prayer life as they enter high school.

World Religions

416 World Religions (CP)

Grade: 9 (Spring Semester)

Credit: 0.5

Course Description: World Religions is an introductory survey of the traditions of the major religions of the world; Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. During this course, students will become familiar with the basic elements of these religious traditions. Their core beliefs and teachings, rituals and worship, moral codes and forms of spirituality will be explored.

Sacred Scripture

424 Sacred Scripture

Grade 10

Credit 1.0

Course Description: This course will analyze the literature, events, and themes of the Bible, including the organization, historical context, and geography of both the Old and New Testament. By interpreting scripture through a critical lens, students will consider how oral traditions and historical narratives reveal the spiritual truths of the Christian faith. Sophomores will be exposed to the foundation that the Old Testament lays for the New Testament and the coming of Jesus, as well as his life, ministry, death, and resurrection. Finally, students will examine how the promise of the Old Testament Messiah is fulfilled in the New Testament, and the progression of the Gospel through writings of Paul and the early Apostles, forming the foundation for our Church today.

Christian Morality

436 Christian Morality (CP)

Grade: 11

Credit: 1.0

Course Description: This course will focus on the Foundational Principles of 29 Christian Morality including Moral Choices and God’s Plan as well as the Law of God. Students will learn to analyze moral decisions by intention, action and consequence. The topics of abortion, assisted-suicide, capital punishment and the notion of a ‘just’ war will be examined in the light of the Foundational Principles.

Church History

437 Church History (CP)

Grade: 12 (Fall Semester)

Credit: 0.5

Course Description: Beginning with Pentecost, the story of the Church is a story of sin, of God’s redeeming grace and the promise of Jesus to be with his Church until the end of time. This course is a chronological study of the events and Spirit-filled personalities that shaped the story throughout the centuries. Attention will also be given to the contributions of the Church to Western Culture and Thought.

Social Justice

438 Social Justice (CP)

Grade: 12 (Spring Semester)

Credit: 0.5

Course Description: As a follow-up to Morality, this course will expand the study of morality beyond the self to the policies and programs of government and society. The topics of poverty, homelessness, prejudice and human rights will be examined in the light of moral mandates.

Theology Faculty

Mr. Patrick Dwyer

Mr. Patrick Dwyer

Department Chair, Teacher
B.A., Boston College
M.A., Catholic Theological Union
MS.Ed., Northwestern University
Ms. Florence Merkl-Deutsch

Ms. Florence Merkl-Deutsch

Director of Mission and Values
M.P.S., Catholic Theological Union
B.A., University of Massachusetts
Rev. Joseph Malczyk C.R.

Rev. Joseph Malczyk C.R.

M.P.S., Loyola University Chicago
M.A.T., St. Louis University
B.A., St. Louis University
Ms. Mary Clare Cadieux

Ms. Mary Clare Cadieux

Teacher, Music - Guitar
B.A., Mundelein College
M.A., Mundelein College
Mr. Patrick Heffernan

Mr. Patrick Heffernan

Teacher, Wrestling Coach
B.S., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Mr. Justin Lane

Mr. Justin Lane

B.A., Anderson University
M.A., Anderson University
Ms. Patricia Seitz

Ms. Patricia Seitz

B.A., College of St. Benedict/St. John's University
M.A., Northeastern University