Departments & Programs

At DePaul College Prep, we understand that students come to us with a range of talents, interests and ambitions. Our academic programs are designed to address how you learn, develop your personal qualities, prepare you for a 21st century college education and foster development of life-long core values.

As a student at DePaul Prep, you will develop a strong foundation in liberal arts, science, technology, engineering and math. We offer various academic options--Advanced Placement (AP), Honors, College Prep and College Enrichment. We are proud to say the DePaul College Prep is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and we also offer the unique opportunity of Dual Enrollment courses at DePaul University.

As of Fall 2019, DePaul Prep has adopted the 10-point grading scale. Read the Note From The Principal regarding this recent change.

The grades issued on the report card have the following meanings:

A (90-100%)
B (80-89%)
C (70-79%)
D (60-69%)
F — (below 60%) This grade indicates that the student has not fulfilled the minimum requirements of the course. A student with a grade of “F” receives no credit for the course.

College Enrichment

College Enrichment (CE) level courses provide students with the necessary skills to address their needs and develop their strengths in smaller class sized designed to encourage upward level placement.

College Prep

The College Prep Program (CP) is a comprehensive course offering that contains a curriculum focused on meeting competitive college admission requirements.


The Honors Program (H) is tailor-made for students who are high performers. Students are characterized by their strong academic ability, special interests, demonstrated superior academic performance and strong motivation.

Advanced Placement

DePaul College Prep's Advanced Placement Program (AP) provides college level course work in high school. These challenging and in-depth courses offer students the opportunity to earn college credit for advanced class work upon the successful completion of the AP subject area exam, which is administered in May of each year.

International Baccalaureate Program

DePaul Prep is an International Baccalaureate World School, offering the option of the IB Diploma Program (IB). IB offers four high quality international education tracks to more than one million students in 146 countries. These schools share a common philosophy, and a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education. Learn more.

Dual Enrollment at DePaul University

DePaul Prep students have the opportunity to engage in Dual Enrollment at DePaul University, taking college-level classes for credit in a number of different disciplines. Learn more.