Student iPads & Textbooks

iPad Requirements

To ensure student success, all students are required to have an iPad or iPad Mini that can be updated to iOS version 11 or later, and has at least 32GB of memory.

**It is strongly recommended that a case is purchased as well as either Apple Care or another warranty. For security reasons, please set up “Find my iPad," have a lock screen code, and label the iPad with your name and school email address.**

Ordering Textbooks & Required Books

To ensure student success, all students are required to purchase texts by the first day of school. For eTexts, we suggest purchasing on the iPad you will be using at school.

  1. Take a look at your schedule (emailed out). Write down the three-digit Course Numbers that correspond to your classes. You can also find your Course Numbers in the 2019-20 Course Selection Guide. (i.e. The Course Number for English 1 (Honors) is /015).
  2. Find the tabs below by Department. Click-through and browse each department to find all required books for your courses. All books listed for your course will have the preferred format (i.e. paperback, hardcover, or eText) and a direct link to purchase the course text from the suggested vendor.
  3. See below for further direction on ordering eTexts from the various suggested vendors, if needed.

**Please note: The textbook tables below are best viewed on a desktop or tablet, with larger viewing capabilities.

2019-20 Textbooks

Please note: if there is no book listed for your course, or your course is not listed here, there is no required textbook for the course at this time. Teachers may give updated information on other required texts in their course syllabuses and on the first day of school.

All usernames and passwords used to create accounts for these purchases should be written down and associated with the student’s DePaul College Prep email address, as they will be needed to access purchased books on your iPad.

If you have any technical questions , email

If you have questions about a course or a specific book/app, please contact the instructor for the course, the department chair, or IB coordinator (if an IB course).

Browse below for specific direction on ordering eTexts from the various suggested vendors: