Required Texts

Ordering Textbooks & Required Materials

DePaul Prep is using MBS Direct as its digital platform for students to order textbooks and course materials. 
Click here for a video walkthrough on how to purchase ebooks.

TO begin the ordering process, students will need to have their Schedule in front of them to reference their Course IDs and will be required to use their school email address.

*New students will need to set up their email address prior to purchasing books.*

  1. Navigate to our online bookstore at
  2. Click the blue button “Let’s Get Started” in the center of the landing page
  3. You should see the 2023-2024 school year is already chosen from the option on the left. To the right, click the down carrot where it says “Site.” A checkbox list of course departments should appear underneath (English, IB, Math, etc).
  4. Click the checkboxes for each of the subjects your Schedule shows you are taking this semester.
  5. Upon clicking the checkboxes for the subjects, a list of Courses will appear underneath. Select the exact courses that match the Course IDs on your Schedule.
  6. Once all courses are selected, click the “View Your Materials” arrow on the bottom right of the page.
  7. You will then be able to view your course materials and select your preferred format. Be sure to click “+ Add Selected to Cart.” 
    • You will see REQUIRED/OPTIONAL in red caps next to the selection which indicates if a book is required or optional for the course.
    • Teachers have pre-determined their preferred format for their class text.
  8. Once you’ve selected all your course materials, click the “Proceed to Checkout” arrow on the bottom right. Follow the instructions to check out.
  9. Once you’ve selected to check out, you will be prompted to create a login. If you are a new student, select NEW CUSTOMER, if you are a returning student, enter your email to login. 
  10. Upon checking out, you will be prompted to input your STUDENT INFORMATION. Please input your student’s name and DePaul Prep school email address. 
    • **It is important to input your student’s school email address, for this is the email address to which any and all eContent will be directly emailed.  After the eContent has been emailed, students should use their iPad to open these emails and download their course eContent directly onto their iPad.

With any questions or concerns regarding ordering textbooks, please contact Assistant Principal Joe Voss,

First page of the PDF file: DePaul21-22VBO
All usernames and passwords used to create accounts for these purchases should be written down and associated with the student’s DePaul College Prep email address, as they will be needed to access purchased books on your iPad.

If you have any technical questions, email

If you have questions about a course or a specific book/app, please contact the instructor for the course, the department chair, or IB coordinator (if an IB course).

Ordering Books FAQs