Class of 2022

We look forward to welcoming the Class of 2022 to DePaul College Prep this fall! Below is important information for our incoming students and parents as you become more familiar with DePaul College Prep.

Register for your FACTS Account

All students MUST have their parents or guardians register for a FACTS account with the office of Tuition and Financial Aid. Visit the Tuition page for more information.


Please contact Paula Ryan, Tuition and Financial Aid Manager, with any questions or concerns.

Dress Code & Lands' End

All DePaul College Prep uniforms must be purchased from Lands' End.

information on ordering uniforms from lands' end


  • All students will visibly display around their necks their school issued DePaul College Prep ID card on a school issued lanyard at all times.
  • White button-down dress shirt, long or short sleeves, fully buttoned and tucked in.
    white or navy blue DePaul College Prep polo shirt, clean and tucked in.
  • Khaki or docker style pants (chinos) with school logo, traditional classic cut or relaxed – tan pants only.
  • Female students may wear khaki DePaul uniform skirts, not more than two inches above the knee.
  • All new students must wear the new Lands’ End uniform pants and skirts with the school logo.
  • A belt must be worn at all times, the waist of the pants must be above the waist line and pants must extend to the ankles.
  • Socks must be worn at all times in school.
  • Black or brown dress shoes or boots are the only footwear allowed to be worn during the school day.
  • Students are welcome/encouraged to wear blazers, sport coats, and ties with their button down shirts.
  • Navy DePaul College Prep V-neck, crew neck, quarter zip, or cardigan sweaters are the only acceptable outerwear allowed to be worn in school. All outerwear must be official DePaul College Prep apparel.
  • Hair must be neat, clean, and combed or brushed.
  • All uniforms must be purchased from approved DePaul College Prep vendors or school store.
The following are unacceptable dress and prohibited from being worn in school --
  • Piercings (young ladies may wear a maximum of one earring per ear)
  • Hats or headbands
  • Headgear – including headphones, headsets, earphones, or earbuds. Ear buds are not permitted and must be left in a student's locker.
  • Sunglasses
  • Visible Tattoos
  • Visible chains, medals, medallions
  • Hooded sweatshirts
  • Skirts that are too tight or too short; may not be rolled
  • Yoga or form fitting pants, no elastic or tight-fitting cuffs on the ankle
  • Unofficial or unapproved DePaul College Prep outerwear or shirts
  • Extreme hairstyles i.e. mohawks, fauxhawks, lines, designs, arrows, mullets, braids, cornrows, blowouts, undercuts, excessively long hair or ponytails on male students etc.
  • Facial hair of any sort including long sideburns
  • Gym shoes or unapproved boots (combat, cowboy, high heel, etc.)
  • Polo shirts in any color other than navy blue or white - grey or orange polo shirts are out of uniform.
Out of uniform/spirit days
  • Uniform shoes, socks, pants and belt must be worn on spirit days.
  • Students who are members of a school sponsored team are allowed to wear their game jerseys or shirt approved by the Athletic Director with their uniform pants and shoes on game days only.
  • All team members must wear the same style jersey or shirt.
  • Shirts displaying the names or logos of other high schools are prohibited on any occasion.
  • Appropriate dress is expected at all school sponsored functions including those that take place off campus. No student will be admitted to school functions in immodest or inappropriate style of dress.

Based on the belief that school is a place of business where students are learning spiritual, academic, and social skills, the expectation is that students will show up for school dressed per the dress code and stay in dress code until 3:15pm, unless you are changing for a school sponsored activity.

*Decisions on dress code matters are at the sole discretion of the Dean of Students.

Students who violate this policy may be refused admission to class or asked to call home for the uniform item to be delivered to school. Our dress requirements have been established so that students become accustomed to a norm of neatness and modesty that will be expected of them as an adult and so that they experience a sense of belonging and pride in DePaul College Prep.


Students are expected to dress appropriately and in a manner that reflects the values of the school at sporting and all extra-curricular activities. An immodest or inappropriate style of dress will result in the student not being allowed to participate. No earrings for males are allowed at any event and no hats are allowed during inside events.

Student Health Forms

Visit our Dean's Office page to download and complete all necessary Student Health forms. All forms are due when school begins.

Photo Release Consent Form

Visit our Dean's Office page to download and complete the Photo Release Consent Form. This form will be valid for the entire time your student is at DePaul College Prep.

iPad Requirements

All students are required to have an iPad or iPad Mini that can be updated to iOS version 11 or later, and has at least 32GB of memory.

**It is strongly recommended that a case is purchased as well as either Apple Care or another warranty. For security reasons, please set up “Find my iPad," have a lock screen code, and label the iPad with your name and school email address.**

All students are required to have the following applications (apps) purchased and installed on their iPad before the first day of school/new student orientation in preparation for using them during the school year. In addition, please note the use of VPNs while using DePaul College Prep’s network is a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy included in the Parent/Student Handbook as it poses a risk to the security and integrity of the school’s network.


Schoology (Free)

This is the school’s Learning Management System (LMS), where students and parents access information for all classes. Freshmen and transfer students will receive login information on Packet Pickup Day. All returning students should already have their login information; if you do not, or do not remember, see the Technology Department for assistance.

Google Drive (Free)

All students will be provided with an email address. It is expected that this email is used for anything relating to DePaul College Prep. Freshmen and transfer students will receive their login information on Packet Pickup Day. All returning students should already have their login information; if you do not, or do not remember, see the Technology Department for assistance.
Google Drive and all related Google Apps should be setup using this email address.

Google Docs (Free)

The word processor of the Google Suite. Part of Google Drive, but this is a separate download.

Google Sheets (Free)

The spreadsheet creator of the Google Suite. Part of Google Drive, but this is a separate download.

Google Slides (Free)

The power-point creator of the Google Suite. Part of Google Drive, but this is a separate download.

Notability ($9.99, prices may vary)

This will be used in all classes for note-taking and the completion of numerous assignments throughout the school year. The app is very versatile allowing for typed or handwritten notes, embedding photos, highlighting within student created notes and downloaded PDFs, and much more.

Pop Scholar (Free)

Pop Scholar is a safe, social network where students can connect with peers, friends, and family to set goals and post their accomplishments at DePaul College Prep in the areas of academics, activities, altruism, art, and athletics. Both students and supporters can earn “Pop Scholar” points to redeem for gift cards in the Pop Scholar Marketplace.

Other apps will be required for specific classes. These apps will be included in the mailing that will be sent out mid-July regarding the purchase of textbooks for the upcoming school year. Additionally, teachers will provide this information on their syllabus or as needed.

Summer Required Reading

Find all summer reading requirements here. Assignments will be due the first day of school.

Fall Athletics Requirements

Visit our Athletics Director's page for important information on registering and start dates for Fall Sports.

My MealTime

Visit our Cafeteria & Food Services page to set up a My MealTime account online and learn about Quest Food Management.

Morning Transportation & CTA/Ventra

Visit the Dean's Office page to fill out the Morning Transportation Request Form and get more information on Student Ventra Cards.

Class of 2022
Fall 2018 Key Dates

IHSA Athletics Start Date:
Monday, August 6

New Student Orientation - New Students, Transfer Students, & Parents:
Tuesday, August 14
8 AM - 2:50 PM

Freshman Orientation & Retreat - Class of 2022:
Wednesday, August 15
8 AM - 2:50 PM