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Take the Entrance Exam at DePaul Prep
Test Date:   Saturday, December 3 @ 8 AM

The entrance exam will be held in-person.

No remote/online option will be available.


DePaul College Prep
3300 N Campbell Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618

Take the Entrance Exam at DePaul College Prep!
Pre-registration is required.

Students who intend to apply and attend DePaul Prep are strongly encouraged to register and take take the Catholic High School Entrance Exam at DePaul College Prep. Please note that only students who take the High School Placement Test at DePaul Prep will be eligible for DePaul Prep Academic Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Students may only take the entrance exam once and with only one Catholic High School.  Any violations of this policy will result in a denial of a student’s application for admission to DePaul College Prep.

Registration opens on Saturday, November 12 at 8 AM
there will be a $25 registration fee payable online at the time of registration

Please find the form to register below.

Registration closes on friday, december 2 at 12 pM


Students with learning plans must submit their Private Eval/504/IEP by Monday, November 28 in order to receive accommodations on the day of the Entrance Exam.
Please email your plans to our Learning Specialist Team:

Families will be notified by December 2 of approved accommodations, if submitted by 11/28

About the Entrance Exam

DePaul Prep is pleased to offer the High School Entrance Exam to your student. Please read this information carefully to ensure you are informed about what is required of students and parents for each exam format. 

Entrance Exam Test Components

The DePaul College Prep entrance exam is the High School Placement Test (HSPT). The HSPT has five sections: verbal, quantitative, reading, math, and language (English). 

  • Cognitive, which has 2 parts: VERBAL (analogies, synonyms, antonyms, logic) and QUANTITATIVE (reasoning, comparison and sequences).
  • Basic, which has 3 parts: READING (comprehension, vocabulary), LANGUAGE (punctuation, spelling, capitalization) and MATH.
  • Writing Sample Essay
Arrival Procedure:
  • Check–In begins at 7:30 AM, and students are to be seated by 8 AM for testing instructions to begin.  
  • We ask that parents do not enter the building due to the number of people arriving at once. 
What to Bring:
  • Two Number 2 pencils with erasers
  • Clear water bottles allowed 
  • No food, calculators* or language translators (*calculators are only allowed with qualifying learning plans)
  • Students should plan to be picked up around 11:30 AM (give or take a few minutes dependent upon time taken for the short DePaul Prep Essay Question). 
  • We ask that parents do not enter the building due to the number of people arriving to pick up their students. 
For Students with Learning Plans:
  • Accommodations: Learning Plans or Private Evaluations must be submitted by 11/28 to in order to receive testing accommodations. 
    • Families will be notified by December 2 of approved accommodations, if submitted by 11/28.
  • Accommodations requested can include: 
    • Extended time (+50%)
    • Marking answers on test booklet (not on scantron)
    • Calculator use
  • All requests must have prior approval by our learning support team, who will communicate the approved accommodations via email prior to the exam date.

NOTE:  Students who need to reschedule due to circumstances beyond your control such as quarantine or a positive COVID test, will be able to take the make-up test (date TBD). This is for your safety and the safety of others. It will not affect your test score or your admissions status. We will not be offering the entrance exam after this date. 

Register Here!

The Application for Admission will open Saturday, December 3 @ 8 AM on our Apply Now Page. 

Application for Admission will be due by Friday, December 16, 2022. Applications received after December 16 will not be reviewed in the first round of decisions. First round decisions will be sent beginning of February.

Questions regarding the entrance exam or visiting DePaul College Prep?

Contact our Admissions Team:

Our Team

Mr. Thomas Kleinschmidt

Mr. Thomas Kleinschmidt

Class of 1991
Director of Admissions, Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach
Mr. Nick Bizzieri

Mr. Nick Bizzieri

Admissions Counselor, Assistant Varsity Football Coach
Ms. Caitlin Riley

Ms. Caitlin Riley

Admissions Counselor, Dance Club Moderator