See Yourself at DePaul Prep

Take the Entrance Exam at DePaul Prep
Saturday, December 5th
DePaul College Prep
3300 N Campbell Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618

Take the Entrance Exam at DePaul College Prep!
Online Pre-registration is required.

Students who intend to apply and attend DePaul Prep are strongly encouraged to take the Catholic High School Entrance Exam onsite at DePaul Prep. Please note that only students who take the High School Placement Test onsite at DePaul Prep will be eligible for DePaul Prep Academic Scholarships.

Registration opens on Friday, November 20th
*there will be a $25 registration fee payable online at the time of registration

**Students with learning plans must submit their 504/IEP by Tuesday, December 1st in order to receive accommodations on the day of the Entrance Exam.
Please email your plans to our Learning Specialist, Ms. Elizabeth Underwood:

A completed application must also be submitted after a student takes the Entrance Exam. Applications for DePaul Prep Class of 2025 will be live at 8 AM on December 5th.

95th - 99th percentile: $30,000 ($7,500/year)
90th - 94th percentile: $20,000 ($5,000/year)
80th - 89th percentile: $8,000 ($2,000/year)

Students must test at DePaul Prep in order to be eligible for an Academic Scholarship.
Incoming students who sit for the Entrance Exam at DePaul College Prep and achieve a high score are eligible to receive an academic scholarship.
In the 2020-21 school year, over $200,000 in academic scholarships were awarded by DePaul Prep to high-scoring testers.

Students must meet eligibility criteria to receive their academic scholarships annually.
DePaul Prep Academic Scholarships are awarded in addition to scholarships and aid provided by external scholarship organizations.


Questions regarding the entrance exam or visiting DePaul College Prep?

Mr. Tom Kleinschmidt
Director of Admissions
(773) 423-5037