Shadow Days

We invite you to see and experience DePaul College Prep for yourself - observe academics in the classroom, meet new friends and peers with similar interests and learn about DePaul Prep's exciting clubs and sports teams.

7th grade students: sign-up now!   Seventh graders are invited to shadow during the spring semester (January 10 – May 10, 2019).

8th grade students interested in shadowing: contact Mr. Dan Galante at or at (773) 423-5015.

A student may shadow on any Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday, with the exception of select days marked "No Shadows" on the DePaul Prep School Calendar. Please check our school calendar for these 'dark' days (holidays, early dismissals, etc.) before requesting your shadow date.

Also, please check with your elementary school to see if they have a specific day scheduled for students to shadow high schools.


Schedule a Shadow Day:

Shadow Program Coordinator

Mr. Dan Galante
(773) 423-5015

How it Works

Students will be paired with a DePaul Prep Student Ambassador, one with whom the student shares common interests. You may also request a student that you know; please indicate the request on the form. This does not guarantee a shadow day with that particular student based on daily schedules but we will try to accommodate when possible.

Shadow days begin at 8:00 a.m. and end at 2:15 p.m. Shadows will be given a voucher to use in the Student Cafeteria to purchase a lunch, though students may bring their own lunch if preferred. Please note any food allergies on your application.

Drop-off and pick-up will be at the main school entrance at 3633 N. California Avenue.

What to Wear

DePaul College Prep maintains a uniform dress code. We ask that you please wear your grammar school uniform. If your school does not require a uniform please wear:

Boys: Dress pants, dress shoes and a collared shirt. Polo style shirts are acceptable.

Girls: Dress pants or dress skirt and dress shoes.

Absolutely no jeans, gym shoes, t-shirts, sweat pants, sweat shirts, sleeveless or mid-drift tops allowed. Shadows will not be allowed to attend classes if they are inappropriately dressed.