Students with Learning Differences

DePaul College Prep is committed to providing curricular support to students with diagnosed learning differences throughout the school.  Learning specialists are able to offer targeted strategy support in reading comprehension, written expression, math, and executive functioning.  Instructional support is provided inside and outside the classroom.  Learning specialists also manage classroom and testing accommodations, ensuring that students receive what they need in order to meet their potential.  Learning specialists maintain close communication with teachers, parents, and outside professionals, as well.  In addition, learning specialists work with students to help them become independent learners by supporting their understanding of the success attributes: self-awareness, proactivity, perseverance, goal setting, use of support systems, and emotional coping strategies.


Please contact our Admissions Office.
(773) 423-5037

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Admissions Process for Students with Diverse Learning Needs

  1. To begin this process, you must submit a current (within three years), complete Private Evaluation (including Neuropsychological evaluation or Psychoeducational evaluation), IEP, or 504 plan upon registration for the Entrance Exam. (An option to upload the file will be available on the Entrance Exam Registration Form).
  2. All requests will be approved by our learning support team, who will communicate the approved accommodations via email prior to the exam date.​​
  3. When applying, please upload the plan/eval as well as fill out the information requested about how your student learns. 
  4. Those who are accepted who have reevaluations that take place in the summer leading up to their first year at DePaul College Prep, please submit the updated paperwork as soon as possible.

Other academic information is appreciated, however, school-written accommodation plans will not be accepted as the only form of your student's learning profile. You must submit one of the following forms of accepted documentation: 

  • Private Evaluation (including Neuropsychological evaluation or Psychoeducational evaluation),
  • IEP
  • 504 plan
**ICEP or School Written Plans will not be accepted as the only form of documentation.
**All plans accepted must be written within three years.

This process can’t begin until we have received all of this information. We look forward to optimizing your child’s DePaul College Prep experience!

Entrance Exam Testing Accommodations

DePaul College is able to support students who need certain accommodations to be successful in a college preparatory curriculum. DePaul Prep provides an extended time up to 50% (time one and a half), basic calculator use,  and marking answers in the test booklet for the HSPT Entrance Exam. Students who have learning plans and would like to use accommodations on the entrance exam should submit their plan to by December 4, 2024. Plans cannot be solely developed by the school (i.e. must be a 504, IEP, or a neuropsych evaluation done by a professional) and must include each accommodation requested in order to have that accommodation approved.  


Student who have a 504, IEP, or Private Evaluation will be asked to upload their most recent plan to our application as well as answer some questions about the current accommodations the student uses in school. If the current plan or evaluation is not the document which contains the original diagnosis, we also ask that families upload the documentation that contains the original diagnosis. DePaul College is able to support students who need certain accommodations to be successful in a college preparatory curriculum. Students will also be asked to upload this template completed by their learning specialist or teacher.