Students with Learning Differences

DePaul College Prep provides a supportive, inclusive education where we all work together to help diverse learners achieve academic success. Students and staff provide a warm, welcoming and inviting learning environment. This strong sense of community builds self-esteem and confidence.

Learning accommodations are tailored to the individual student. We have a Learning Specialist Counselor who works with families to determine the best approach in many, but not all, cases.

Because there are limits to the resources we have, we are unable to serve all students. Before a student applies, our Learning Specialist Counselor reviews each student’s case to ensure DePaul Prep is a good fit for that individual.

Some of the strategies that we have used in the past include:

  • Extending time for tests and semester exams
  • Reserving preferential classroom seating
  • Teaching better strategies of organizing homework and studying

Once a student has registered at DePaul College Prep, these are next steps in the process:

  1. To begin this process, we will ask that you sign an Acknowledgement Agreement, after your son or daughter has registered at DePaul College Prep.
  2. Most important, we need to receive a current (within three years), complete psycho-educational testing, IEP, 504 or alternate service plan.
  3. We need a confidential release signed by a parent or legal guardian allowing DePaul College Prep to contact the examiner, if needed.
  4. We need a review of the accommodations used at the 8th grade level and feedback from the student’s 8th grade teachers about the effectiveness of those accommodations and the student’s academic performance.

This process can’t begin until we have received all of this information.

We look forward to optimizing your child’s DePaul College Prep experience!


Please contact our Learning Specialist:

Mrs. Elizabeth Underwood
(773) 423-5031