Film & Media

Creative exploration is vital in the DePaul Prep film program.  Through this program students are tasked with learning to see the world through a variety of cultural lenses and in gaining an appreciation for creative expression we also gain insights into new ways of thinking.  Developing an understanding of artistic styles and mediums allows students to think outside of the box and to look at traditional learning in a whole new way.

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I believe that one of the most effective ways to learn is to do so organically through hands-on exercises. I like to give students exercises that are completed in groups, but which also create fun environments where they can learn how to use cameras, lights, story, etc.  It is upon reflection of the work, as opposed to lectures beforehand, where students can see the content that they have learned and are then equipped with excitement and confidence for the next day's work.

mr. jonathan Moeller
film & media instructor

IB Film Program

Students in the IB Film program at DePaul College Prep are given the opportunity to take their films studies to a level that models college courses.  Through intercultural studies and respect, the IB strives to help students develop into inquiring, knowledgeable, caring young people who are motivated to succeed.  IB Film students study theory and cultural context for two years, all the while using advanced equipment to put what they learn into practice.

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