Fine Arts

The art classes at DePaul Prep help students develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills by doing hands on projects that promote decision making, risk taking, and resourcefulness. 

The subjects taught through art prepare students to research, analyze and determine possible solutions for real-world problems, creating well-rounded employable individuals. Through Art classes at DePaul Prep, students must convey meaning through their artwork which not only is beneficial as a presentation tool but also promotes self-identity, helping students identify their passion for certain subjects or themes.

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Art & Design

Art and Design focuses on Classical drawing skills, using a wide range of drawing materials. Representation of the observed world, personal expression and experimentation will be encouraged as students learn to utilize visual language: The Elements of Art and Principles of Design. Students compare realism, abstraction, and stylized depiction in studio practice and art history for second quarter projects.

Illustration & Animation

Animation students study the historic developments in photography and its influence on sequential art and the cinema in our Animation course. Comic books, cartoons, flip books and animated features are the key projects produced.


Students can explore a wide range of techniques including silkscreen, Relief, Intaglio, and printmaking. The Art Studio features the use of a Whelan Printmaking Press and access to a variety of colored inks and printmaking papers. Students have unique opportunities to develop series of prints with equipment and processes usually made available only in professional printing studios.

Painting & Sculpture

Students are introduced to watercolor, gouache, acrylic and oil painting, modeling clay, constructing armatures, carving plaster, welding and assemblage of found materials in our painting and sculture courses. Students get to experience unique opportunities at studios around Chicago outside the classroom for these courses.


For the past 15 years, Arts Integration has been an essential practice in my classes that helps students gain an understanding of the relation between the arts and other scholastic subjects. Through Art making practices I aim to help students love and appreciate the world and to develop a sense of belonging in hopes of stimulating their career choices.

ms. patty Okulinski
art instructor