The program consists of two levels, Varisty and JV, and competes in the Girls Catholic Athletic Conference. They come off a Regional Championship win in 2019 under Coach O' Reilly. O' Reilly is in his second year at DePaul but brings the experience into this coaching. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent cancellations, changes, and guideline updates to sports seasons, the schedules for this coming school year are fluid. We will be updating our schedules on the website as soon as we have contracted contests but this year that is going to be done as it comes to us and not all at once. In a normal school year, you can typically expect most of, if not all, the team schedules to be posted by the start of the school year.

Please continue to check with your head coach for all practice and competition schedules.

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Coaching Staff 20-21


Tim O' Reilly, Head Coach

Natalie Cataldo

Junior Varsity

Stan Niemiec, Head Coach

Marissa Ruszkowski

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