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rev. 12/17/20
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:45 a.m. - 2:05 p.m.
Wednesdays by Grade Level (see schedule below)

Hybrid Block Schedule - All Grades

*Wednesday Grade-Level Days - Schedules

Based on our student and faculty input, we will make two adjustments to the second semester schedule. First, our Wednesday schedule will change slightly and reflect the following:

  • Grade levels will attend Advisory in-person only ONCE per month -- there will not be  online classes or Advisory lessons on Wednesdays for the grade levels not on campus.
    • We found that the online implementation of a course that is predicated on face to face relationships was difficult and did not have the desired impact for our students or our teachers.
    • Advisory will be taught by our Counseling Team and Administrators, with teachers supporting the counselor or administrator teaching. In the first semester, teachers taught Advisory lessons.

Grade levels not on campus on Wednesday will be able to utilize the day for teacher meetings, counselor and learning specialist check-ins, and other needed support.

It is important to remember that Wednesday is STILL A SCHOOL DAY and is not a day off. Students should use this time for one on one and small meetings with teachers, homework completion, assessment retakes and in general, staying current with all school work. If a student is invited to meet with a teacher on a Wednesday, this is not optional but is required. Struggling students may also be invited or required to attend our Wednesday Study Sessions via our Academic Support department. Student and Parent understanding of how Wednesdays are to be used is of critical importance as we enter the second semester.

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