Brick Program Donors

Thank you to all of our families, benefactors, alumni and friends who have participated in our Buy-a-Brick Program in support of the One Dream, All In! capital campaign and the DePaul College Prep Foundation.

Thank you for joining our Celebration, leaving a lasting legacy, and for being All In for DePaul College Prep!

updated 7/29/2020

Allen Family

Anderson Family

Andreen Family

Argianas Family

Arnquist Family

Baffa Family

Ball Family

Barefield Family

Barkley Family 

Scott Birmingham, Weber '87

Damian Barrientos, '21

Baskin Family

Taylor Bass

Beebe Family

Bennett Family

Benson Family

Katie Benson

Blake Family 

Marsha Blake

Bleeden Family

Brennan Family

Brenner Family

Bulley & Andrews

Burhans Family

Bustamante Family

CA Strata

Cain Family

Pepi Camerlingo

Cantu Family

Cardo Family

Cardona Family

Carlson Family

Carpenter Family

Casey Family

Castette Family 

Celesia-Gustafson Family

Ceravolo Family

Chambliss Family

Chapdelaine Family

Christopoulos Family

Colello Family 

Collins Family

Collins Family

Comiskey Family 

Corboy & Demetrio

The Philip H. Corboy Foundation

Corkery Family

Corry Family 

Dominic Covington, '22

Dace Family

De Marte Family

Degnan Family, GT Alums '73, '75 and '82

Dempsey Family 

Mary A. Dempsey 

DePaul Prep Athletics Department

DePaul Prep Baseball 

DePaul Prep Boys Basketball

DePaul Prep Girls Basketball

DePaul Prep Bowling

DePaul Prep Cheer

DePaul Prep Cross Country

DePaul Prep Football

DePaul Prep Golf

DePaul Prep Lacrosse

DePaul Prep Hockey

DePaul Prep Boys Soccer

DePaul Prep Girls Soccer

DePaul Prep Softbal

DePaul Prep Track & Field

DePaul Prep Boys Volleyball

DePaul Prep Girls Volleyball

DePaul Prep Wrestling

DePaul University 

Deutsch Family

Dillon Family

Donoso Family

Downes Family

Dzakovic Family

Elting Family

Essex Family

Farrow & Elliott Family

Flaherty Family

Flanders Family

Fleming Family

Dan Galante

Galante Family 

Galiano Family

Galvin Family

Garcia Family

Garcia Family

Garza Family

Afton Gauron

Bettina Getz

Gibbs Family

Gladstone Family

Glunz Family

Amy & Kevin Golden

Gonzalez Family

Beth Grady

Grady Family

Griffins Family

Griggs Family

Hader Family

Hallgren Family

Haslwanter Family

Haugh Family 

Henderson Family

James J. Hoidas ‘20

Holton Family

Fr. Dennis Holtschneider, CM

Hopkins Family

Horne Family

Hoste Family

Hunt Family

Ingraffia Family

Insko Family

Japsen Family

Jones Family

Lisa Jones

Kamin Family

Kaminski Family

Kavanaugh Family

Kenyon Family

Kisselburg Family

Kittrell Froelich Family

Klein Family

Kleinschmidt Family 

Thomas Kleinschmidt

Kosanic Family

Kowalczuk Family

Blake Kowalski '22

Kuban Family

Laster Family

Leadstrom Family

Lederer Family

Lefebvre Family

Li Family

Linnemeyer Family

Lisnich Family

LoBaugh Family

Ann Lohmeier

Lorin Family

Mac Laughlin Family

MacMillan Family

Patrick Mahoney

Malarski Family

Jackie Malee

Mannion Family

Martin Family

Martinez Family

Martinez Family

Martinez Family

Jennifer Martinez

John Markowicz, Weber '81

Roman Markowicz, GT '67

Mathews Family

May Family

McCarthy Family

McLeod Family

McMiller Family 

Melgar Family

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

Meyer Family

Moran Family 

Morgan Family 

Morris Family

Moulton Family

Moya Family

Moyer Family

Mueller Family

Myers Family

Nader Family

Nickerson Family

Nordloh Family

Novicki Family

O'Brien Family

O'Phelan Family

Obiala Family

Ogren Family

Olson Family

Osleber-Mothes Family

Osterman Family

Palmer Family

Papas Family

Pape Family 

Pawlicki Family, Weber and GT Alumni

Pearl Family

Family of Gabriella Peña, '24

Christopher Petersen

Pettinger Family 

Phillips Family

Anne Marie Piazza & Rafael Cook

Pilcher-Anglada Family

Presnell Family

Reynaert Family

Patricia Reynaert

Rhomberg Family

Richardson Family

Rieckhoff Family

Rimando Family

Rivera Family

Riveron Family

Rizk Callahan Family

Rizk Family

Rosen Family

Rottier Family

Russette Family

Ryden Family 

Sanchez Family

Graysen Sanchez, DPC '16

Schlachter Family

Schultz Family

Schwieters Family

Seuring Family

Tag Shuck, '21

Shuman Family

Smith Family

Stanton-Anderson Family

Stephen Family

Stevenson Family

Stewart Family

Stringer Family

Stultz Family

Tabellione Family

Temizel Family

Thason Family

Thason Family 

Totaro Family

Tray Family

Tricia Roberson

Trout Family

Twardak Family

VanAllman Family

Varga Family 

Villatoro Family

Waldron/O'Brien Family

Ward Family 

Weber Family

Weber Family 

Jenna Wedemeyer

Weinburger Family

West Family

West Family

Mason West 2020

White Family

Aidan Williams '23

Wilson Family

Wiselogel Family