Glossary of Terms

E-Learning Term Definition


Any learning opportunity that takes place using the internet or an internet-based application or tool. E-Learning typically happens in a home setting or in a distance learning environment where a student is not in the classroom. 

Blended Learning

A form of education that combines elements of E-learning and traditional, in-person classroom learning to help students achieve a course’s learning outcomes.

Asynchronous Learning

Any time in an E-learning environment when students work at their own pace to complete assignments. 

Synchronous Learning

Any time in a E-learning environment when a teacher and students are working together live, in real-time using an internet-based communication platform. 

Teacher Office Hours

Regularly scheduled time during which a teacher, counselor, or administrator is available via email or video conferencing to respond to parent and student questions or to provide additional support to students. 


DePaul College Prep’s learning management system that is used for taking daily attendance, housing student assignments, posting grades and communicating with students and parents. 

Google Classroom

A course management service for schools that streamlines the creation, distribution and collection of student work.

Video conferencing

A digital platform used for synchronous face-to-face interaction in a distance. Zoom is the video conferencing tool used at DePaul Prep.



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