Office of Mission & Values


Faith, Respect, Excellence, Service

The Catholic School Advantage

An advantage of a Catholic Education is its capacity to draw on the riches of the Tradition in order to nurture the whole person and instill values that serve the individual and by extension, the community. DePaul College Prep is “a place where the vital, inescapable, urgent questions are asked and answered, debated and argued, studied and dissected, in class, and on the street.” (Rev. Edward R. Udovic, CM, PhD)

The school day and each class begins with a prayer drawn from a religious or philosophical source that speaks to the rhythms of the school and Church year or events in the world. Mass is celebrated each month for the entire student body and each month students also attend Mass with their homeroom. Monthly Morning Interreligious Prayer Services led by the Director of Mission and Values are also celebrated in the chapel before school (parents welcome), and our beautiful Chapel of Saint Joseph the Worker is always open for silent prayer.


Guided by the strategic plan and mission statement, the Office of Mission and Values collaborates with faculty, staff, students, and families in ways that measurably enhance their understanding and support of DePaul College Prep’s distinctive heritage and Catholic identity.

Adapted from the DePaul University
Office of Mission and Values


Our framework is the Catholic Tradition, with a special devotion to our founders and sponsors, the Resurrectionists, and our academic partners, the Vincentians. In keeping with Saint Vincent’s great question, “What must be done?” we continue the Resurrectionists’ relentless witness to hope in a broken world. Students also dialogue with other faith traditions through the religion curriculum, guest speakers, and field trips to non-Christian houses of worship. Prayer and Mass are a part of everyday life at the school, and students are invited to serve in liturgical ministries and choir.


Ours is an urban school community that reflects and engages with the multicultural and socioeconomic diversity of our city. By extension, we cultivate a caring relationship toward our school environment, neighborhood, and planet. Guided by the principles of Catholic Social Teachings, this commitment develops a deeper respect for all people, resulting in a richer learning environment and authentic preparation for living, serving, and leading in a global world.


We define excellence as challenging you to go beyond your own comfort level in the classroom, on the court, with friends, on the stage, or in our steamlab. By fostering unique gifts and self-respect in each student, we develop a sense of confidence and integrity they express in every facet of life. DePaul prep provides a nurturing environment in which every student can shine.


When you come to DePaul Prep, you will join 100% of your classmates by engaging in community service projects that serve the diverse needs and populations in our city. Because service is a mutual exchange between the volunteer and the person in-need, all experiences include structured reflection that draw on the riches of our Faith Tradition to shape and transform young minds and hearts.


The DePaul Prep Call to Faith

A place of faith, where learning lights our path
Virtue and vision, guide us through our lives
Respect all, and strive for excellence
DePaul College Prep we are, where knowledge takes us far.

In unity, we sing to praise your name
Mary our mother, whom our hearts proclaim
With her love, our faith grows stronger every day
DePaul College Prep we are, and our hearts will always be.

Create a world, compassionate and just
Serving others, in community
Spirits strong, we strive to do our very best
DePaul College Prep we are, in faith and unity.


Our Team

Ms. Emelia Gleber

Ms. Emelia Gleber

Assistant Campus Minister
Rev. Joseph Malczyk C.R.

Rev. Joseph Malczyk C.R.

Ms. Florence Merkl-Deutsch

Ms. Florence Merkl-Deutsch

Director of Mission and Values