Retreats are an integral part of the curriculum at DePaul College Prep. As part of the retreat experience, students will come to know more about their relationship with God and others. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors must participate in a one day retreat that may be held at an off campus location. Seniors take part in a Kairos (God’s Time) Retreat. This is an intense three-day program that encourages self-reflection and, community building, and challenges the students to live more active faithful lives. Cost of the retreat is the responsibility of the family of each student.



Frosh: Starting Fresh as a Member of the DePaul Prep Family

Our first year students often comment on what a joy and relief it is to “start fresh” and “reinvent themselves” when they leave middle school. At this retreat, held before classes begin, we break open the four core values while members of the upper classes share stories of their own adjustment to high school. We also introduce them to the school’s faith heritage in the Resurrectionist and Vincentian religious orders. Together we explore what it means to be member of the DePaul Prep Family.


Sophomores: At the Core of Respect: Values and Identity as Children of God

We open the retreat with the question, “Who am I?” and explore how context, culture and labels form our identity for better or worse. By examining what we value, we get to the heart of what shapes and inspires us as unique, beloved creations, deserving of respect.


Juniors: Evolving into a Servant-Leader

Serving with the vulnerable turns the mirror on our own vulnerability. Following a morning of service immersion, our Junior Class gathers to reflect on how our character is formed by our vulnerabilities as much as our gifts. We then explore how experiences and relationships gained through service develop leaders in service of God’s Mission and uphold the dignity of all people.


Seniors: Kairos

During Senior Year, an immense volume of thought and energy is spent on academics, college applications, and traditions such as prom. Kairos provides the spiritual component to Senior Year. This peer-led retreat design is used by Catholic high schools world-wide. It helps teens to process and savor their life experience before they transition into a new level of independence. It is the capstone of the Catholic school experience.