Service Projects & Mission Trips

Rooted in the transformative social service legacy of Saint Vincent DePaul and Saint Louise DeMarillac, service learning and community engagement are integral parts of a DePaul College Prep education. Each student participates in, and reflects on, a variety of service projects as part of their formation toward living as a mission-driven adult. 


  • DePaul College Prep builds the service requirement across the students’ four years. 
    • Freshman Year: 10 verified hours of service 
    • Sophomore Year: 15 verified hours of service 
    • Junior Year: 20 verified hours of service 
    • Senior Year: 20 verified hours of service 
  • Community Service is a requirement of attending DePaul College Prep. Students who fail to meet the requirement during the academic year will be responsible for completing missed hours over the summer break before being allowed to return for the following Fall semester. 

Service Hours may be acquired through any combination of the following types of activities: 

  • School or church sponsored service immersion trips or mission trips.
  • Service done via Vincentian Day Colloquiums or with sports teams, clubs, etc. 
  • Ambassador events that take place outside of school hours. 
  • Verified not-for-profit or community service organizations & activities such as...
    • Rincon Family Services, Misericordia, Maryville Crisis Nursery, Mission OLA
    • St. Vincent de Paul Center
    • Lincoln Park Community Services (Shelter meals or sack lunches) 
    • Neighborhood food pantries such as Lakeview Pantry, Common Pantry, etc.
    • An elementary school
    • Parish or house of worship (including liturgical ministries and seasonal events)
    • Park districts such as Horner Park, Welles Park, Clark Park, etc. 
    • Public libraries
    • An animal shelter such as PAWS, The Anti-Cruelty Society, etc. 
    • Tutoring through a social service or scholarship organization
    • Helping to coach children (without pay) 
    • Helping at a camp without pay (DePaul Prep Summer Camps, Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club, Park District, YMCA, etc.)
  • Participating in a DePaul Prep initiative such as Red Cross Blood Drive and donation collections (soup cans, socks, disaster relief, etc.
    ***These can only account for 2 of your hours across a single school year). 

  • All service experiences must be logged on our online platform, MobileServe. Enter ALL service activities, even if you have met your school commitment. DePaul Prep uses this information to inform future service plans and when promoting the school. Additionally, it is important to have an accurate number for college applications. 

  • To meet the service requirement, all service hours must be verified and approved. While logging hours, students are asked to verify completion in a variety of ways, including submitting the name and email of a supervisor, gathering a signature, and/or submitting a photo from the service experience. Hours that are not verified will not be approved by Ms. Gleber. Unapproved hours will not be accepted towards a student’s total hours. 

  • MobileServe entries include a required reflection section. Incomplete reflections will result in the submission not being approved. 

You must do service both semesters. If you participate in a long term service project over the summer, you are not exempt from hours for the entire year. You must participate in something during the Spring semester as well.