Honor Roll of Donors

The Fund For Excellence Annual Appeal helps make an extraordinary Catholic education at DePaul College Prep accessible to deserving students by supporting the scholarship and tuition assistance program.

We recognize and thank our generous donors to the 2019-20 Fund for Excellence:

updated 1/3/20
President's Circle
($5,000 and above)

The Argianas Family
The Burk Family
Pat and Cathy Chambliss
The DeCaigny Family
The Froelich Family

Dominick Mondi
The Moran Family
The Mueller Family, Board Member
The Patrick Nolan Family
Michael and Jennifer Seuring

The Kelly Smith Family, Board Member
Tully Family Foundation
The Walsh Foundation
Scott Williams

Scholar Circle
($2,500 - $4,999)

Ajay & Lisa Baddi
The Beebe Family
Alex and Elizabeth Galiano
Tobin & Courtney Hopkins

In Memory of Alice and Hank Kraus
The Kuban Family
The Marcovitch Family
The Pettinger Family
The Salgado Family

leadership Circle
($1,000 - $2,499) 

The Andreen Family
Dawn Baskin

The Betts Family
Buchholz Family

The Carroll Family - Tim, Laurie, Charlie and Jay
The Ceravolo Family
Christopoulos Family

The Corkery Family
The Edmonds Family
The Engel Family
Dr. Lawrence Frank, GT '83
Alex and Elizabeth Galiano
The Galvin Family
Garza Family
The Grant Family
Elsa & Douglas Johnson
Kip Keley
Tom Kleinschmidt GT '91, DePaul Prep Staff

Bert and Karen Kisselburg
The Larson Family
The McMiller Family: Eric, Tammy, Eric II and Luke
The McNamara Family
Christopher Michalski, GT '87
The Novicki Family
The Ochoa Family
Thomas & Ann-Marie Perkins

Jeff & Jeannine Pierce
Mike Rock, GT '83

The Roldan Lebron Family
The Russette Family

The Stevenson Family
Superior Chicago Tutoring

The Swartz Family
Justin and Courtney Tabellione

The Wilson Family    

($500 - $999)

The Berzeri Family
Heather & Marty Cain
The Cantu Family

Chicago Physical Therapists
Rafael Cook & Anne Marie Piazza, DePaul Prep Staff
Brian Downes and Cassie Maziarka
Michael Ferrarrel, GT Alum
Garza Family

The Henriksen Family
Nicholas and Catalina Kadjan

Susan Kavanaugh
The Kizer Family
The Laguna Family

The Linnemeyer Family
The Lobaugh Family
The Malarski Family
The Marruenda Family

The Martinez Family
Moyer Family
Ram Fans
The Roe Family
John Rotunno

The Schulte/Neumeier Family
Schwieters Family
The Shiffrin Family
The VanAllman Family
The Ward Family
The Woodson Family


patrons ($250 - $499)

Dan & Theresa Allen, DePaul Prep Staff
The Bordes Family
The Dillon Family
The Engblade Family

Joe & Debbie Ferrari, GT '73
The Gallagher Family
Kevin & Amy Golden, DePaul Prep Staff
Carol Henriques
Joe, Emily, Rylee and Grace Higgins
The Horne Family
D. Bradford Hunt
Sam Hunt '20
The Insko Family

Bob & Kristi Kowalczuk
David & Jessica Kraft

The Kroth Family
Joseph Longo, GT '76
The Lundberg Family
The Maggiore Family
The Nordloh Family

The Pilcher Anglada Family, DePaul Prep Staff
The Retford Family
The Riordan and Adams Family

The Rivera Family
The Sonera Family
Ramona Soto Stevenson
The Stern Family

Stumm Insurance LLC
The Weber Family
The Wiselogel Family

sponsors ($100 - $249)

Alissa Adam '22
Bayer Family
Megan Biggam
Scott E. Birmingham, Weber '87

Brown Family
The Buino Family
The Casey Family
The Castillo Family
The Catanese Family
The Cleland Family
Christy Corkery
Thomas Cygan, GT '62
Dace Family
Lydia and Jason Danyluk
Dan Degnan

The DeSantis Family
Mark Dillon
Alexandra Dzakovic
The Elting Family
The Escárpita-Álvarez Family, DePaul Prep Staff
The Garcia Family

The Garrison Family
Bettina Getz
EAG Accounting Solutions, Inc. Elizabeth Gustafson
James F. Haderlein, GT '74
Christopher Haller

The Haslwanter Family, DePaul Prep Staff
The Haugh Family, GT '84 & Board Member
The Immonen Family

The Jerabek Family
Lisa & Emma Jones
Keta Family
The Kindrat Family
The Kittrell Family
Richard Kopacz GT '74

Joe Kopinski, GT '71
The Leadstrom Family
Courtney Lederer

Art Malinowski Family, Weber High '47
Marty & Melissa Mannion
Carla Martinez
Grant Kuchan & Alexandra Massoud

Mrs. Norma B. May
Sara & Pete McMurray

The Meadows Family
Anthony Mineo, GT '77
The O'Brien Family
Barbara Hall & John Olijnyk GT '79
The Oliver Family
Brett & Magali Olson

Do good; be good.
Nora P.
The Paluch Family
The Papas Family
The Peña Family
Jeannine Pierce
Pukala Family
The Radich Family
John & Maria Rayyan

Williams Rodes GT '72
Jose and Isabela Romaker
The Rosen Family 
Linda & Peter Ruegsegger

Michael Severin GT '73
Stephanie Stanley-Weber
The Stanton-Anderson Family, DePaul Prep Staff

The Steensmas
The Stephens Family
The Stewart Family
Catherine Stoutner

Paul Swiech, GT '78
Robert Szott, GT '65
Sydney Tajkowski
Holly Talbot Birtch
David & Kristen Van Dyke
The Vander Vennet Family
The Werner Family, GT '87

West Family
Paul Williams
Gary Wodek, GT '66

The Yohanan Family

supporters (up to $100)

        Meg and Mark Ahlheim
Joseph Alagna, Weber High '70
Keyvan A. Arjomand & Meghan Otis
Christine Bahu
Mirna Ballestas
The Barkley Family

Julie Barreda
Jennifer Bransfield
Pamela Bucaro

The Budziszewski Family
Mary Jeanne Butera, DePaul Prep Staff
CB 2023
John Calto
Richard Capalbo
Jose Cardo, GT '87
Sarah Casavechia
Gina Colello
Lacessa Corry

Costello Lynn Family
The Diaz Family
Kathleen Downey
The Favela Family

Susan Geraghty
Tania Gilbert

The Glenn Family
Laurie Gold

The Hendersons
Anna Jerabek
Rich Jezierny Jr, GT '77
Gibu Joseph GT '92
The Kennedy Family
Kerry Kinsloe
The Kosanic Family
The Mac Laughlin Family
The Manion Family
Alan Nagorzanski, GT '78
The Michael and Stephanie O'Brien Family
Molly O., DePaul Prep Staff
Chester Omiotek, GT '82
The Osbourne Family
The Perkins Family
Lauren Recinto
Tricia Scanlan
Parent Supporter
John & Judy Stoessel, GT '65
Jill and Joel Sullivan
The Vanvooren Family
Yvette Velasquez

    The Watry Family
Tom White, GT '84
Dorothy Wulf