Honor Roll of Donors

The Fund For Excellence Annual Appeal helps make an extraordinary Catholic education at DePaul College Prep accessible to deserving students by supporting the scholarship and tuition assistance program.

We recognize and thank our generous donors to the 2021-22 Fund for Excellence:

gifts made as of December 27, 2021



President's Circle
($10,000 and above)


The Buchholz Family
Comiskey  Family
Cid and Mary Froelich
Katz Family    
The Kral Family
O'Brien Family
The Walsh Foundation


Scholar Circle
($5,000 - $9,999)

The Beebe Family
Jeff Bethke and Leah Vaselopulos
Ceravolo Family
Patrick and Cathy Chambliss
Galiano Family

Peter and Amie Gruszka

The Hortatsos Family
Craig and Heidi Johnson
The Lim Family
Martin Family
Elizabeth A Nesi
The Oros Family
The Pettinger Family
John and Kathleen Schreiber
Amy Waldron

Leadership Circle
$2,500 - $4,499

The Anderson Family
The Barefield Family
The Benson Family
The Casper Family 
The Clarke Family
Demaret Family
Michael, Heather and Aidan DiDomenico
Sarah and Ramsey Donnell
The Egan Family
Gerstung Family
The Guilfoyle Family
Matthew and Jennifer Hallgren
The Hand Family
Laurel Harris and Dave Baffa
The Hudson Family
The Iovine Family
The Larson Family
Peter and Judith Lederer
The MacMillan Family
The Marcovitch Family
The Mitchell McDowell Family
McMillan Family
Bill Faude and Julie Michaelson
The Myers Family
Craig and Beth Pearlman
The Raub Family
The Lebron Roldan Sarillo Family
The Rottier Family
The Summers Family
Timbo Family
Craig Varga and Noelle Brennan
The Wilson Family
Yoshimura Family
Matt and Elizabeth Zakaras

($1,000 - $2,499)

Anderson Family
Susan and Rich Bailey
Blair Family
The Brophy Family
The Carpenter Family
The Corkery Family
The Favaro Family
The Czajko Family
The Edgar Family
The Edmonds Family
Emerson Family
Greg and Katerina Estes
The Forester Family 
Garcia Family
The Audette Family
Grady Family
Colleen and Aidan O'Toole
Jennifer Hilton
The Hofmann Family
Jim, Laura and Jaine Jelinek
Mr. Dennis and Dr. Amy Johnson
The Kabance Family
The Kaminsky Family
Joe Kartheiser
The Kelly Family
The Kim Family
The Kizer Family
The Linnemeyer Family
The Betts / Manning Family
The Marsey Family
The Mayer Family
McCain Foods
Morgan Stanley
Norton Family
The Ogren Family
Frank Phillips
Jeffrey and Jeannine Pierce
Mike Rock
The Rosen Family
Julie and Mike Rothweiler
Schuetz Family
Rick and Alyssa Schultz
Jennifer Seuring
Superior Chicago Tutoring
The Topp Family
Travers Family
The VanAllman Family
The Vernon-Aldeen Family
The Zalokar Family

patrons ($500 - $999)

Anonymous (2)
The Allen Family
The Stanton-Anderson Family
The Ball Family
Veronica Beckman
The Cannon Family
Tim Carroll
Mary Kate Casey & PREP Performance Center
The Chang-Chapman-Lynch Family
The Collins Family
Colman and Kelly Connolly
The De Chiara Family
Mary Dempsey
The Devaney Family
Mark and Julie Dillon
The Dopp Family
The French Family
The Fries Family
The Galloway Family
The Garza Family
Erin Goergen
The Goldman Family
Robert Janis
Jeff Janovici
Angela Janovici
The Johnson Family
The Kapp Family
The Lepinskas Family
Deirdre and Mark Levine
The Lisnich Family
Betsy Lopez
Regina and Jeffery Malarski
The McTaggart Family
The Meier Family
The Miller Family
Todd Morgan & Pauline Fijalkiewicz
The Morris Family
The Moyer Family
The Novicki Family
The Obiala Family
Omiotek Family
The OPhelan Family
The Bernstein Family
The Patel Family
Candace and Mark Peterson
Rafael Cook and Anne Marie Piazza
The Radich Family
Chris and Denise Roth
Derek Schnack
Schwieters Family
Michael Seuring
Rodrigo A. Sierra
The Stewart-Cooley Family
The Swiatkowski Family
The Vanderbeek
Libia Varela
Craig Varga & Noelle Brennan
The Vesprini Family

sponsors ($250 - $499)


Anonymous (2)
Theresa & Dan Allen
The Andreen Family
The Arseneau Family
The Buckert Family
The Buino Family
The Burke Family
The Byrne Family
The Carbonara Family
Carrie & David Carlson
The Chan Family
The Chiles Family
The Claffey Family
John & Cynthia Coy
The Coy Krumm Family
Cunningham Family
The Downes Family
The Doyle Family
Drees Family
Engblade Family
The Farley Family
Federal Home Loan Bank
The Garlati Family
Terry Geoghegan
Amy and Kevin Golden
The Greene Family
The Gutzmer Family
The Harmon Family
The Horne Family
Anna Jerabek
Dave & Crissy Johnson
The Kailus Family
The Kerrigan Family
The Lane Family
The Lazzari Family
The Leadstrom Family
Kelly and Russell Lee
The LeFebvre Family
Raymond Leffner
The Littleton-Vrchota Family
The Maggiore Family
The Marinescu family
Maria Mazza
The Herman Family
Alison & Charlie Moriarty
Nordloh Family
North Side Express Inc.
The O’Brien Family
Brett & Magali Olson
The Owen Family
Angelo and Courtney Pileggi
Tom & Emily Rhomberg
The Roarty Family
Sheila Rock
The Scandariato Family
The Sessa Family
The Sharp Family
Shear Family
The Shiffrin Family
The Shifrin Family
The Malelo Family
Francine & Mikah Soliunas
Mike Spingola
The Spuhler Family
Scott and Linda Stiglicz
Ms. Catherine Stoutner
Stumm Insurance
The Szykowny Family
Justin and Courtney Tabellione
The Thyen Family
Karla Van Fleet
Sullivan-Wallenfang Family
The Wilson Family



supporters ($100 - $249)

Anonymous (3)
Alight Solutions
The Allen Family
Kevin Angeles
Balcsik Family
Peter & Pari Banko
The Barden Family
The Baum Family
J Baynes and Family
Scott Birmingham
Eric Bloom
Rev. Martin J. Bratek, C.R.
Byrd Family
The Brendel Family
 Laini Budziszewski
The Buol Family
The Butenko Family
The Byrd Family
The Cardo Family
Contreras Family
The Corbett Family
Thomas Cygan
The Dabrowski Family
Gabriela Dace
Daniel F. Degnan Family
Joan Farrow
The Favela Family
Stephanie Foley
Manuel French
The Frye Family
Ganschow Family
The Gentzen Family
George & Tia Ghattas
Chuy Palma and Family
Diane and Richard Gorash
Gordon Tech Faculty Reunion - 2021
Kevin and April Greer
John Haines
Paul Hajjar
The Harpur Family
Emily Hathcoat
Hecht Family
Peña Family
Mike Herrmann
The Hogan Family
The Hollis Family
Houghton Family
The Iglesias Family
Erica Izraeli
Wendy Jaehn
Jeske Family
JLL Matching Gift
Most Rev. Francis J. Kane, D.D.
The Katz Family



Pete Kelly
Keta Family
Richard Kopacz
The Kraus Family
The Krawiec Family
The Kroth Family
Jason Kurokawa
Lipsitz Family
The Lussenhop Family
Macglashan Family
Theresa Malinowski
Mannion Family
Bob Marren
Claire Marshall
The Martinez Family
Jim Mazza
The McCann Family
The McGarrity Family
Angie McMonigal
Josh and Lauren Miller
Anthony Mineo
Mishra Family
Sally Moulton
Kathleen Nichols Costabile
Tim O'Connor
William O'Donnell
Rev. Hugh O'Donnell, C.M.
Bridget O'Hara
John Olijnyk and Barbara Hall
The Oliver Family
Joe Owca
John Owens
The Pamula Family
John Paulett
David and Lisa Periolat
Tony Perkins
Pukala Family
The Quilter Family
Rayyan family
Reid Family
The Rizk Callahan Family
The Rose Family
Rotunno Family
The Schultz Family
Michael Severin
Louis and Patricia Sharp
Sharon Shay
Craig and Laurie Steensma
Katie Sullivan
Paul Swiech
George and Patricia Vander Vennet
The Volkens Family
Volkens Family
Alan Walters
Mike Weber & Family
Weinburger Family
West Family
The Wiselogel Family
The Wooten Family


Friend ($50 - $99)

Bautista Family
Laura Bergersen    
Jim Burnette
Ron & MJ Butera
The Cain Family
The Chapdelaine Family
Gretchen Clary
Violet Corona
Jaime Duffy
Joanne Edmonds
Renee Girardin
Kristin Hellquist
Huerta Family
The Johnson Family
The Kosanic Family
Geralyn Lawler
Gregory and Laureen Lawton Charitable Fund
The Mackey Family
Polly McGuire
Andrew McLeod
Susan Meadows
Meisner Family
Noah and Kyle Nagy
Kerry O'Brien
Ochoa Family
Kathy O'Connell
Molly Oliver
The Orlow Family
Maria Reeter
Mr and Mrs John Stoessel '65
Jill and Joel Sullivan
Steve Thomma
Patricia Arvesen Weinmann


All In ($1 - $49)

Anonymous (3)
Anderson Family
Teresa Battaglia
Pamela Bucaro
Pepi Camerlingo
Richard Capalbo
Covington-Colello Family
Joseph Connolly
Olivia Cruz
The Farmer Family
Forbes Family
Jean Frater
Yari Gavidia-Paris
John Glibowski
Grammatis Cooke Family
Allison Hoste
Russell Huxhold
Sheila Leffew
Loeza Family
The Mallette Family
The Matic Family
Audre Melsbaka
Arlene Ong-Torio and Teodelito Torio
Kate Paredes
The Pennington Family
Roldan Family
Sonia Roman
The Silaghi Family
George Spatz
The Torio Family