Honor Roll of Donors

The Fund For Excellence Annual Appeal helps make an extraordinary Vincentian Catholic education at DePaul College Prep accessible by closing the gap between tuition and the true cost of educating our students. Proceeds from the annual appeal support financial aid and operational needs including salaries for our outstanding faculty and staff. Gifts to the Annual Appeal ensure that DePaul Prep remains a racially, religiously, socially, and economically diverse high school serving the families of Chicago.

We recognize and thank our generous donors to the 2022-23 Fund for Excellence:

gifts made as of February 28, 2023



President's Circle
($10,000 and above)


Greg Buchholz and Tina Caravette
The Egan Family
Jen and Brad Keck
Lovell Family
Anina and Roger McCarron
The Newman Family
Catherine and Bill Perez
The Walsh Foundation
Joan S. Wrenn


Scholar Circle
($5,000 - $9,999)

The Barefield Family
Katherine and Craig Benson
Nicola and Lael Ceravolo
The Dodds/Nandra Family
Sarah and Ramsey Donnell
Cezar and Mary Froelich
Grateful Alum Family
Craig and Heidi Johnson 
The Kaminsky Family
Jeff and Katy Katz
The Lim Family
The Luthman Family
The MacMillan Family
The Martin Family
Jack and Jennie O'Brien
Susan and Keith Reardon
Amy Waldron

Leadership Circle
($2,500 - $4,999)

The Anderson Family
The Bacon Family
Jeffrey Bethke and Leah Vaselopulos
Bigane Construction
Bryce and Nikki Bowman
The Clarke Family
Galiano Family
The Annacone / Gandhi Family
The Guilfoyle Family
The Hand Family
The Horne Family
The Hubbard Family
The Hudson Family
The Iovine Family
Judge Giving Fund
Kartheiser Family
Kirkland & Ellis, LLP
Lederer Family
The Manuel Family
The Marcovitch Family
McMillan Family
The O'Neil Family
The Oros Family
The Pettinger Family
Emily and Chris Raub
Jennifer Seuring
Alan Skidelsky
Brigitte Ozzello and Tom Sterner
Miller and Byron Vance
Craig Varga and Noelle Brennan
Matt, Sara and Lauren Wesley
Tammi and Brett Williams
Michael and Sandra Wilson
Scott and Beth Zalokar

($1,000 - $2,499)

Cushman & Amy Andrews
Ashenden Family
Bank of America
Beebe Family
Team Belvedere
The Betts Family
Blair Family
The Brown Family
The Bowers/Rueda Family
Leo Burnett
The Cannon Family
The Carey Family
The Casper Family
Patrick and Cathy Chambliss
The Chan Family
Oliver Chapman and Family
Chicago Trading Company
Dimitri Christopoulos
Alix and John Corboy
The Corkery Family
Coy-Krumm Family
The De Chiara Family
Demaret Family
The Doyle Family
The Favaro Family
Alan, Leah, Bryce, and Maci Forester
Dr. Lawrence Frank Family
The Fries Family
Fry Family
In Memory of Science Teacher, Richard J. Furjanic, Sr. 
The Garmey Family
The Gawrit Family
Gerstung Family
Green Family Charitable Giving
Virginia and Josh Hale
The Hutchison Family
Intuitive Foundation
The Jelinek Family
The Jerabek Family
The Kamin Family
The Kasper Family
The Kelly Family
The Larson Family
The Lawler Family
Josh and Kelly Lerner
The Linnemeyer Family
The Lloyd Family
The Locasso Family
The Mangoubi Family
The Mann Family
Marty and Missi Mannion
The Marsey Family
Mike and Sandy Marsico
John and Debra Martin
The Mayer Family
The Mazza Family
Matt and Ashley McKee
The Meno Family
Sarah and Michael Mercurio
Bill Faude and Julie Michaelson
Christopher Michalski
The Moyer Family
Mueller Family
The Nadel Family
Nuveen Investments
The O'Connor Family
The Ogren Family
Craig and Beth Pearlman
The Persons Family
The Possinger Family
Tony and Rose Powers
The Reber Family
Mike Rock
The Rothweiler Family
The Rovner Family
The Ruger Family
The Schell Family
The Schuitema Family
The Scullion Family
Brian and Janette Shea
Kelly Smith
Stevenson Family
Katie Sullivan
Superior Chicago Tutoring
Brenda and David Swartz
The Kumar-Tiseo Family
The Vernon-Aldeen Family
The Vlahos Family
Westall Family Foundation
Elizabeth and Matt Zakaras

patrons ($500 - $999)

Araya Family
Rebecca Weinstein Bacon and Wade Bacon
The Ball Family
Balzarini Family
In Memory of Joseph Burke, MD
The Carpenter Family
Anne & Nicolas Chalesle
The Colquhoun Family
Coughlan Family
Mary A. Dempsey
The Devaney Family
The Donehoo Family
The Dopp Family
The Dunkel Family
The Gallagher Family
The Garcia Family
Garza Family
The Gosz family
Hathcoat Family
The Hilton Family
The Hofmann Family
Angela Janovinci
The Jashelski Family
The Dengler Family
Mr. Dennis Johnson and Dr. Amy Johnson
JPMorgan Chase
The Kavanaugh Family
The Kiff Family
Brendan & Kelly Kiley
The Kim Family
The Koo and McKenna Family
Kreuser Family
Kurokawa Family
The Lakomy Family
The Lane Family
The Leahy Family
The Lee Family
The Miller Family
The O'Brien Family
Chester and Gina Omiotek
Orange Shoe Personal Fitness
The Pérez Warren Family
The Pribyl Family
The Rhomberg Family
The Roarty Family
Robert Half
Sheila Rock
Roth Family
The Rottier Family
Schnack Family
Schuetz Family
Maureen and Dmitry Shifrin
Streicher Family
Stumm Insurance 
The Szykowny Family
Torres-Carranza Family
The Travers Family
The VanAllman Family
Bodi and Vivienne Ward
William Blair & Company Charitable Matching Gifts
The Wilson Family
The Zehfuss Family
The Zolna Family

sponsors ($250 - $499)


Anonymous (4)
Cary A. Adams
The Arseneau Family
Arthur J. Gallagher
Susan and Richard Bailey
The Bloom Family
The Bolger Family
The Broyles-Woods Family
Kevin and Kathleen Buchar
The Buckert Family
The Cain Family
Carpenter Family
Caroline Chambers
The Chesne Family
Chiles Family
The Cloutier Family
The Coffey Family
Colman and Kelly Connolly
Contreras Family
The Corbett Family
John and Cynthia Coy Charitable Fund
Danak Family
The Devitt Family
The Dillon Family
The Engel Family
Bret & Anna Faford
Dan and Darianne Farley
Frater Family
Friend of DCP
The Frye Family
The Gentzen Family
Terry Geoghegan
The Gonzalez Family
The Hallgren Family
Illinois Tool Works
The Ingraffia Family
The Izraeli family
Dave and Crissy Johnson
The Johnson Family
Just Because
Kapp Family
The Kendzior family
The Knezevic Family
The Massoud Kuchan Family
Landry Family
The Lane Family
The Leadstrom Family
Ray Leffner
The Lye Family
The Lynch Family
The Maggiore Family
Marinescu family
The Matvias Family
Norma May
The McDonagh Family
The Minc Family
The Morgan Family
The Morris Family
The Murray Family
The Nwankwo Family
Kellie O'Connell
Mary O'Connor
Pelican Family
The Petitpren Family
Rodriguez Family
Rosen Family
The Scandariato Family
The Sessa Family
Michael Severin
The Sharp Family
The Sharp Family
The Shiffrin Family
Snee Family
The Spatz Family
The Stahulak Family
The Stecky Family
Craig and Laurie Steensma
Wallenfang Family
The Swiatkowski Family
The Tassone Family
The Thomas Family
The Trybula Family
Ed Washuk
Weinburger Family


supporters ($100 - $249)

Anonymous (4)
Dan and Theresa Allen
The Andreen Family
The Appau Family
The Benjamin Family
Scott Birmingham
The Buol Family
Butenko Family
The Carbonara Family
The Cardo Family
Carroll Family
The Castillo Family
Mike and Mary Chambers
The Collins Family
Comiskey Family
Mark Croll
The Gruz Family
Thomas S. Cygan
In Loving Memory of Eulalio De La Torre
Daniel F. Degnan
Rose and Bill Dempsey
Dobre Family
The Family of Nancy Cate Donahue Class of 2026
Alejandra Fajardo
Joan Farrow
The Favela Family
Patrick Flaherty
The Friend Family
The Ganschow Family
The Gauger Family
The Gibson Family
Amy and Kevin Golden
The Goodall Family
Greene Family
James F. Haderlein
Edward M. Hansen Family
The Janas Family
The Jeske Family
Kendall Hunt Publishing
Richard A. Kopacz
Joe Kopinski
Kraus Family
The Leckow Family
The Lee Family
The Lucas Family
Lundberg family
The Lussenhop Family
The Mahoney Family
The Markiewicz Family
The McMonigal Family
The Mellon Family
Melsbakas/Malven Family
The Meyers Family
The Michaels Family
The Minhaj Family
Josh and Lauren Miller
Anthony Mineo
The Moriarty Family
The Moschopoulos Family
John J Muldoon
Munds Family
Lu Murphy
The Moran/Nash Family
Novakovic Family
John Olijnyk and Barbara Hall
Jeff Owen
Paredes Family
John Paulett
The Pease Family
The Periolat Family
The Phillips Family
The Phillips Family
Rafael Cook and Anne Marie Piazza
Poncher Family
The Powers Family
Bill and Amy Reap
The Rivera Family
The Roe Family
The Rogoway Family
Rosenburg Family
The Sacchi Family
Saucedo Family
The Schultz Family
Scianna Family
The Sears Family
The Spadafore Family
The Stoutner Stultz Family
Paul Swiech
Tedeski Family
Harry & Maribel Thomas
Trautman Family
The Tsai Family
The Valadez Family
The Vieth Family
Michael Weber
Westphal Family
Aidan Williams
Glen and Lori Willis
The Wolf Family



Friend ($50 - $99)

Anonymous (3)
The Babcock Family
Julie Barreda
Teresa Battaglia
Pat and Amy Brophy
Mary Jeanne Butera
Eleanor Cain
The Chapdelaine Family
In Honor of DePaul Prep Cross Country
Dabrowski Family
Dayton Family
The DePaul Prep College Counseling Team
The Devens Heimann Family
Trevor Donahue
Ellis-Linderman Family
The Essex Family
The Frampton Family
Friend of DePaul
In Honor of Helen
The Hermes-Tudor Family
Huerta Family
The Hurley Family
Russell Huxhold Family
Kenneth G. Jaros
Jones Rivera Family
Bishop Francis Kane
T. Kelly Family
The Ryan A. Korte Family
The Lake Family
Lazzari Family
The Lee Family
Sheila Leffew
Mackenzie Family
Mallette Family
In Memory of Doris McGinn & Maxine Ross Henderson
Meier Family
The Melzer Family
Leighton Miller
Alan F. Nagorzanski
Orlow Family
The Pamula Family
Pukala Family
William Rodes
The Rovner Family
John J. Stoessel
The Thomma Family
Torio Family

All In ($1 - $49)

Anonymous (2)
Balodis Family
The Brendel Family
Chalus Family
Cunningham Family
William and Rhonda Erickson
Ms. Marie Kalas
The Mendoza Family
Nagy Family
Molly Oliver Rogowski
Joe Owca
Christine Sato
In Memory of Marlene Schemmel
In Honor of Charles and Josie Shear
Dave Strelecki
Leslie and Steven Totaro