Honor Roll of Donors

The Fund For Excellence Annual Appeal helps make an extraordinary Catholic education at DePaul College Prep accessible to deserving students by supporting the scholarship and tuition assistance program.

We recognize and thank our generous donors to the 2020-21 Fund for Excellence:

updated 12/28/20
President's Circle
($5,000 and above)


Buchholz Family
Nick and Lael Ceravolo
Pat and Cathy Chambliss
Christopher and Ellen DeCaigny
Laurel Elzinga
The Engel Family
Michael and Kim France
The Froelich Family
Meri Vallin and George Kenessey
Kimberly and Michael Moran
Elizabeth A. Nesi
The Patrick Nolan Family
Amy Waldron
Ruder Family
The Kelly Smith Family
Tully Family Foundation
The Walsh Foundation


Scholar Circle
($2,500 - $4,999)

Anonymous (2)
Greg and Kendell Anderson
Amy & Cushman Andrews

The Baffa Family
The Ball Family (Aiden '24)
The Barefield Family
The Beebe Family
Carrie and David Carlson
The Clarke Family
Lawrence Dunn and Family Fund
Dr. Jeanne Farley
Alex and Elizabeth Galiano
Paul Gustafson and Laura Celesia
Michael & Colette Hudson
The Kamin Family
Kelley Family
Tom and Anne Kuban
Dana & Mickey MacMillan
The Martin Family
The Myers Family
The Nwosu Family
The Rottier Family
Rodrigo A. Sierra, Jr.
Craig Varga & Noelle Brennan
Paul Marcovitch and Christine Young

leadership Circle
($1,000 - $2,499) 

Michael Vernon and Halley Aldeen
The Baffa Family
The Betts Family
The Broyles Family
The Cartwright Family
Chicago Trading Company
Christopoulos Family
Alix and John Corboy
The Edgar Family
The Edmonds Family
The Garmey Family
The Kartheiser Family
William and Christy Korkery
The Larson Family
Leo Burnett Match Grant
Martin and Melissa Mannion
The Martinez Family
Meier Family
Bill Faude and Julie Michaelson
Dale and Sheila Moyer
John and Colleen Mueller
Nuveen Investments
The O'Toole Family
Jeffery and Jeannine Pierce
The Phillips Family

The Richardson Family
Mike Rock
The Lebron Roldan Family
The Rosen Family
Jennifer and Michael Seuring

($500 - $999)

Allen Family
Dan & Theresa Allen
The Andreen Family
DePaul College Prep Boys Baseball
Brophy Family
The Brown Family
Jamison Lynch and Andrea Chang
Patrick and Heather Collins
Mary A. Dempsey
Bryan and Mary Durkin
Kurt and Debby Fries
Garza Family
The Glasson Family
Goldman Sachs
Palma/Gonzalez Family
In memory of Joan M. Green
Maria Hill
Hoese Family
The Horne Family
The Insko Family
The Jaehn Family
Niki and Ken Jungwirth
The Kavanaugh Family
The LeFebvre Family
Legal and General
Brad and Catherine Mayer
The McLeod Family
The Morris Family
Newpoff Family
Tom and Amy Novicki
The Obiala Family
Dan and Amy Pape
Rafael Cook and Anne Marie Piazza
Barbara & Conrad Rieckhoff
The Rizk Callahan Family
Sheila Rock
The Roe Family
Justin and Courtney Tabellione
The VanAllman Family
Greg and Toni Ward
Jim and Mindi Woodson
Eddie and Christine Yoshimura

patrons ($250 - $499)

Linda Bendixen
Rev. Martin H. Bratek, CR
The Burnette Family
Bruce and Laura Comiskey
The Contreras Family
Joe and Megan Devaney
The Dillon Family
The Gallagher Family
The Galloway Family
Guggenheim Partners
The Hallgren Family
Truls and Michelle Henriksen
Kim Hillner
The Hollis Family
The Holton Family
The Ingraffia Family
JPMorgan Chase
The Kelly Family
Massoud-Kuchan Family
The Lepinskas Family
The Lisnich Family
MacArthur Foundation
Macglashan Family
Sally O'Toole Family
McDonald's Employee Matching Gifts Program
The Morgan Family
The Nickerson Family
Nordloh Family
The O'Brien Family
The Oliver Family
Brett & Magali Olson
Michael O'Phelan and Suzanne Domaracki
The Pelican Family
The Pilcher-Anglada Family
Tom and Emily Rhomberg
The Schuetz family
Daryl and Megan Schumacher
The Shiffrin Family
The Sonera Family
Craig and Laurie Steensma
The Stephen Family
The Stoutner Stultz Family
Stumm Insurance, LLC
Timbo Family
The Trout Family
The White Family
The Wolf Family

sponsors ($100 - $249)


Tom Anderson
The Anderson Family
Biggam Family
The Birks Family
Scott Birmingham
Eric Bloom
The Bucaro Family
Lance and Julie Buckert
Bob Fry and Lisa Buckley
Capital Group
Steven and Katjie Carpenter
Carroll family
John and Gwen Chapdelaine
Cleland Family
Morgan Collier
Antonio Favaro and Kristen Cote-Favaro
The Coy Krumm Family
Thomas Cygan
Mariusz and Karina Czajko
The Dace Family
Dan Degnan '75
Marty and Courtney Doyle
Victor and Maria Elting
The Engblade Family
The Essex Family
Joan Farrow
The Favela Family
The Forbes Family
Terry and Angela Fyre
Paulo and Iris Garcia
The Glunz Family
Mario Grbavac
Kevin and April Greer
James Haderlein
Christopher Haller
Eria Harris
The Haslwanter Family
Bill and Mary Jeske
Lisa and Emma Jones
Very Rev. Francis Kane
The Keta Family
Bert Kisselburg
Jim and Jennifer Kittrell
Richard A. Kopacz '74
Peter and Maren Korellis
The Kosanic Family
Sophia Kotsiopoulos
The Kowalczuk Family
Andrew Kraus
Lazzari Family
The Leadstrom Family
Ray Leffner
Deirdre and Mark Levine
Raymond and Ramona Lewis
The Lobaugh Family


sponsors (cont'd)


Salvatore and Lisa Maggiore
Theresa Malinowski
Maniscalco Family
The Martinez Family
The Matvias Family
Mr. William May
Norma B. May
Camille McGarrity
In memory of Ned Mineo
Mishra Family
Peter Munoz GT '80
Jim Kenyon and Kristi Nelson
Chad and Aimee Ogren
John Olijnyk and Ms. Barbara Hall
Orlow family
Harry and Peggy Osterman
Joe Owca
The Gonzalez-Peña-Cetin Family
The Rayyan Family
Michael and Anne Reynaert
The Riveron Family
John and Melissa Rotunno
Thomas and Isabelle Ryan
D. Schaefer
The Sessa Family
Michael Severin
The Shear Family
Mary Beth Sova
Kimberly Steinback
Scott and Emily Stiglicz
The Stringer Family
The Robert Szott Family
The Theodosakis Family
Brian and Jennifer Utley
The Valadez Family
Ryan and Catherine Wallenfang
Barry D & Olivia Ward Family
The Mike Weber Family
Weinburger-Bonnevelle Family
The West Family
Nicole Wilson
The Wiselogel Family
Wooten Family


supporters (up to $100)


Anonymous (3)
Amazon Smile
St. Anthony
Basketball is life
"Joshua 1:9"
Susan Bailey
Bradford Family
Mary Jeanne Butera
Martin and Heather Cain
Jose Cardo
Chaidez Family
Coca-Cola Give
Gina Colello
Susanne Collins
Natalie and Gary Fedinets
Dorothy Fusco
The Garcia Family
The Govas Family
Catie Hughes
The Kilander's
Mark and Sheila Kilch
Deborah Kozak
Sheila Leffew
The Lyke Family
Robert Marren
Chris and Polly McGuire
Nagy Family
The Marsey-O'Rourke Family
Molly O.
The Osleber-Mothes Family
Fr. Mark Pranaitis, C.M.
Bob Rose
Roth Family
Christopher and Denise Roth
The Shores Family
John and Judy Stoessel
The Thomas Family
Augustina Townsend
Libia Varela
Cespedes/Vega Family
Verner Family
Maureen and Paul White


We recognize and thank our generous donors to the 2020-21 Fund for Excellence STEM Match Gift Challenge!

updated 11/24/2020

Anonymous (2)
Access One
Dan and Theresa Allen
The Andreen Family
The Ball Family
The Barefield Family
Buchholz Family
The Buckert Family
The Fry Family
The Cain Family
Capital Group
Carrie and David Carlson
The Carpenter Family
The Carroll family
The Ceravolo Family
The Chapman-Lynch Family
The Chapdelaine Family
The Clarke Family
Morgan Collier
The Collins Family
The Comiskey Family
The Corkery Family
Kristen Cote-Favaro and Antonio Favaro
The Czajko Family
Mary A. Dempsey
Bryan and Mary Durkin
The Edgar Family
The Elting Family
The Essex Family

The Forbes Family
The France Family
The Fries Family
The Frye Family
Dorothy Fusco
The Garcia Family
Goldman Sachs
Guggenheim Partners
Christopher Haller
The Baffa Family
The Haslwanter Family
The Henriksen Family
The Hill Family
The Hillner Family
The Hoese Family
The Holton Family
The Horne Family
The Hudson Family
Jeske Family
JPMorgan Chase
The Jungwirth Family
The Kittrell Family
The Klich Family
The Korellis Family
William Olen '72
The Kuban Family
The Larson Family
Legal and General
Leo Burnett Match Grant
The Lewis Family

MacArthur Foundation
The Maggiore Family
The Betts Family
The Mannion Family
The Martinez Family
The Matvias Family
The Mayer Family
Sally O'Toole Family
McDonald's Corporation
The McGuire Family
The Meier Family
The Moyer Family
The Mueller Family
Grandparents of Jack, Owen and Kate Mueller
The Myers Family
The Kenyon Family
Elizabeth A. Nesi
The Newpoff Family
The Nordloh Family
The Novicki Family
The Ogren Family
The OPhelan Family
The Ostermans
The Pape Family
The Pierce Family
The Reynaerts
The Rhomberg Family
Sheila Rock
The Roe Family

The Rosen Family
The Roth Family
The Rottier Family
John Rotunno
The Ruder Family
The Ryan Family
D. Schaefer
Sessa Family
The Stanton-Anderson Family
The Stiglicz Family
Catherine Stoutner and Family
Justin and Courtney Tabellione
The Timbo Family
The Townsend Family
The Utley Family
The Kenessey Family
The Sullivan Wallenfang Family
Barry D. and Olivia Ward Family
Jim and Becky West
The Wolf Family
The Yoshimura Family
The Marcovitch Family