Honor Roll of Donors

The Fund For Excellence Annual Appeal helps make an extraordinary Vincentian Catholic education at DePaul College Prep accessible by closing the gap between tuition and the true cost of educating our students. Proceeds from the annual appeal support financial aid and operational needs including salaries for our outstanding faculty and staff. Gifts to the Annual Appeal ensure that DePaul Prep remains a racially, religiously, socially, and economically diverse high school serving the families of Chicago.

We recognize and thank our generous donors to the 2023-24 Fund for Excellence:

gifts made as of December 5, 2023



Leadership Circle
($10,000 and above)


The Buchholz-Caravette Family
The Collins Family
The John and Kathleen Schreiber Foundation
Carolina and Caetano Horenkamp
Kim and Derek Lopez
The Lovell Family
Anina and Roger McCarron
The Runtz Family


Scholar Circle
($5,000 - $9,999)

The Barefield Family
Brian and Louise Benzer
Donnell Family
The Gerstung Family
Craig and Carrie Goesel
The Katz Family
JJ and Karen Kinahan and Family
The Nazerian Family
Tom and Emily Rhomberg
The Saur Family
The Zink Family

President's Circle
($2,500 - $4,999)

The Ball Family
The Clarke Family
The Duke Family
The Egan Family
The Galiano Family
The Garmey Family
The Given Family
The Graber Family, PGA 2020
Henry Crown and Company
The Iovine Family
Kartheiser Family
The Peter Lederer Family
The Mannion Family
The McMillan Family
Hans and Kim Montgomery and Family
Kim and Ken Nadel
Pettinger Family
The Radich Family
The Raub Family
The Rottier Family
Gary and Macy Rozier
The Steele Family
Scott and Arlene Szykowny
Miller and Byron Vance
Mike and Amy Weber
The Winick/Skidelsky Family

($1,000 - $2,499)

The Vernon-Aldeen Family
The Anderson Family
Ellen Benson
Troy and Wendy Benson
The Berger Family
The Manning/Betts Family
The Cannon Family
The Chambliss Family
The Family of Oliver Chapman
Rafael Cook & Anne Marie Piazza
The Duke Family
Bill Faude and Julie Michaelson
The Forester Family
Ecolab/Dave Garza
The Gawrit Family
Gershman Family
The Grabinski Family
Lisa & Kit Hand
Angela Janovici
The Jelinek Family
The Jerabek Family
The Kaminsky Family
Josh and Kelly Lerner
The Mann Family
The Marsey Family
In Memory of Noreen's Grandmother Ann
The McClain Family
The McCue Family
The McNay Family
Midwest Neuropsychology
The Morris Family
The Ogren Family
Denise and David Poole
Anthony and Rose Mary Powers
The Ruger Family
The Scullion Family
Nicola and Lael Ceravolo
Maureen and Dmitry Shifrin
The Suvarna Family
The Tassone Family
The Thomas Family
Tori Ward
The Wesley Family
Elizabeth and Matt Zakaras
The Zuvich Family Foundation

patrons ($500 - $999)

Allen Family
The Bailey Family
The Benvenuto Family
The Bernstein/Palin Family
The Christiansen Family
The Colquhoun Family
The Devitt Family
Epic Games
The Ference Family
The Fox Family
The Grainger Family
The Griffin Family
The Jashelski Family
The Kiff Family
The McGuire Family
The McNamara Family
Matt and Janet Meyers
The Moriarty Family
The Moyer Family
The Nwankwo Family
Pape Family
Maureen and Michael Powers
Roth Family
The Scott Family
The Sessa Family
The Surucci Family
The Vlahos/Jordan Family
The Walker Family

sponsors ($250 - $499)


Amy and Cushman Andrews
Marsha and Jim Blake
The Blomquist Family
The Boone Family
The Bordes Family
The Brenner Family
Kat Young's Family
Butenko Family
The Carpenter Family
Chiles Family
The Contreras Family
The Jason Donahue Family
Flom Family
Amy and Kevin Golden
The Gonzalez Family: Chuy and Jennifer
Tim and Heather Goodall
The Edward Hansen Family
The Hathcoat Family
Kahlil and Dawn Hogan
Catie Hughes and Family
The LeFebvre Family
The Liegel Family
The Macias Family
The Maggiore Family
The Malelo Family
The Marinescu Family
The McCann Family
The Mellon Family
The Mihaj Family
The Mikes Family
Kellie O'Connell
Pelican Family
The Pilcher-Anglada Family
The Possinger Family
The Powers Family
The Putman Family
Perera Family
Dave and Ally Regnier
The Remotigue Family
The Schuitema Family
The Snee Family
Stump Family
Subbiah Family
The Trybula Family
The Wahtola Family
Westphal Family


supporters ($100 - $249)

Anonymous (3)
The Wood/Abernathy Family
Diaz Family
Dan & Theresa Allen
Audette Family
The Barnes Family
Scott Birmingham
The Buino Family
The Buol Family
The Chalus Family
In Memory of Cherri Colby
Gibson Family
Coy-Krumm Family
Mark and Joni Croll
The Crouch Family
Daniel F. Degnan
The Family of Nancy Cate Donahue, Class of 2026
The Dreher Family
Edmonds Family
Alumni Grandparent
The Favela Family
Katie Flores
French Family
The Gable Family
The Galloway Family
The Gowdy Family
Dylan and Charlie Greene
The Hanna Family
The Hemenover Family
The Hoesley Family
The Izraeli Family
The Jeske Family
Dave and Crissy Johnson
Peter Jug and Tracy Szafarz
The Kapp Family
The Kenyon Family
The Kiley Family
Richard A. Kopacz
The Kowalczuk Family
Kraus Family
The LeFevour Family
H and Shea Lichtenstein
Linquist Family
The Madden Family
Mangoubi Family
The Babcock Family
Tom McCarthy
The Michaels Family
Josh and Lauren Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mineo
The Moran/Nash Family
Matt and Dana Murray
The Novakovic Family
The O'Connor Family
The Ochoa Family
Liliana Olivera
Matt and Jane Osterman
Joseph and Sally Owca
The Pease Family
The Pedota Family
The Periolat Family
The Peters Family
The Phillips Family
Steven Quirk
Redden Family
Riley Family
The Rodriguez Family
Scandariato Family
The Sciachetano Family
The Sell Family
The Shear Family
Shellhorn Family    
The Smith Family
Megan Stanton-Anderson and Mike Anderson
Craig and Laurie Steensma
Paul Swiech
The Totaro Family
The Vidanes Family
The Wolf Family
The Zamec Family
Zuvich Family



Friend ($50 - $99)

The Andersen Family
The Binney Family
Betita-Ramberan Family
Kara Bourke
The Braverman Family
The Bucaro Family
Mary Jeanne Butera
Corry Family
Cunningham Family
The Diesfeld Family
Bill and Rhonda Erickson
The Essex Family
In Memory of Gina Haas Bitz
The Hollbrook Family
Aaron N. Holton
The Hurley Family
The Terry-Ignacio Family
The Juergens Family
The Kleinschmidts
 The Klich Family
The Lazzari Family
The McDonagh Family
McKendrick Family
Meier Family
Patrick O'Rourke
The Palomo Family
The Phillips Family
The Reuter Family
Jeff and Carol Rich
The Ryan Family
The Sell Family
The Walls Family

All In ($1 - $49)

Anonymous (2)
The Brendel/Leone Family
The Burnell Family
Jayden Ellis
The Frampton Family
Sophia Gawrit
In Memory of Ann Hill
Liam Jeske
Geralyn and Terry Lawler
Beth and Chris Lye
Nagy Family
The Nickerson Family
Christine Sato
The Thason Family