Honor Roll of Donors

The Fund For Excellence Annual Appeal supports the DePaul Prep Vision by funding scholarships and financial aid for deserving students, expanding professional development for our faculty and enhancing DePaul Prep's programs devoted to science, technology, engineering, the arts and math (STEAM). The 2017-2018 Fund for Excellence concluded on June 30, 2018.

We recognize and thank our generous donors to the 2017-2018 Fund for Excellence (updated 7/2/18):

Joseph Adamkiewicz, GT 1973

The Adams Family


Nicholas Alfred, GT 1990

Samuel J. Alvelo, GT 1999

The Argianas Family, Board Member

The Bahu Family

Grandparents of Alex and Teddy Bahu

Brian Barkley, Board Member

Ms. Julie Barreda

On Behalf of Hunter Behrens

Jeff Bethke, Board Member

Scott Birmingham, Weber 1987

Jim and Marsha Blake, Staff

The Brannigan Family

Jonathan Braun, Faculty

The Brennan Family

Rebecca Brenner

Craig Bryant, Faculty

Mary Bunker

The Burhans Family

Sr. Patricia Burke, Faculty

Marisol Bosque-Lopez

Mary Clare Cadieux

Steven Cafcules, GT 1971

The Cain Family

The Campo Family

Richard Capalbo, Faculty

The Cardo Family

Mary Ellen Caron

Ana Carrasquillo

The Casagrande Family

Dominic and Jennifer Casey

The Castette Family

Eileen Castrovillari

The Cerasani Family

The Chaidez Family

Chicago Physical Therapists

Mary and Thomas Clark

The Claudio Family

The Cowan Family

Kate Crane

The Cruz Family

Thomas Cygan, GT 1962

Steve Czarniak, GT 1979

Thomas Czubak, Weber 1962

The DeCaigny Family

The De La Cruz Family

Diego De Marte

Mary Dempsey, President and Board Member

Lucy Diaz

Al and Denise DiGianfilippo, GT 1972

Dr. Anthony DiGianfilippo, GT 1975

The Dorrian Family

The Downes Maziarka Family

Kristen Driscoll

Bryan and Mary Durkin

Henry Dwyer and Helen Murray

Victor and Maria Elting

The Elzinga Family

Sally Ezra

Lauri Feldshriber, Faculty

Michael Ferrarell, GT 1974

Debbie and Joe Ferrari, GT 1973

The Field Foundation of Illinois

Connor FitzGerald Family

Dr. Lawrence Frank, GT 1983

John A. Friedman

Sharon Gaietto, Faculty

Ronald Gajos, GT 1974

Daniel Galante, Staff

Anne Gallagher

The Garrison Family

Benjamin and Frances Gaw

Sasha Gerritson

Gold Coast Bank

Kevin and Amy Golden, Staff

The Gonzalez Family

Victor and Nelida Gonzalez

The Griffin Family

The Griggs Family

Anne Marie Grogan

Elizabeth Gustafson

James Haderlein, GT 1974

Br. Bill Hallas, C.R., Board Member

Christopher Haller

The Handler Sova Family

Thomas Harte, Board Member

Page Hartzell

Kathleen Haslwanter, Staff

Siobhan and Joe Haugh, Board Chair & GT 1984

The Hayward Family

Kim Hillner

Aaron and Vivian Holton

The Hopkins Family

On behalf of Layton Hopkins

Brad Hunt

Ben Hutchinson

William Iannessa, GT 1971

Howie Infante, GT 1983

The Insko Family

Bruce and Anne Japsen

Br. Ed Jaszkowski, C.R.

Bill Jeske, GT 1981

The Jeske Family

Richard Jezierny, GT 1977

The Johnson Family

Dr. Robert Karpinski, Board Member

Susan Kavanaugh

Tom Kleinschmidt, Staff

The Kocher Family

Joseph Kopinski, GT 1971

Gloria Kouris

The Kowalczuk Family

Kathleen Krist Krueger

Gregory Lawton, GT 1969

Mike Lee

Sheila Leffew, Staff

Lori Lightfoot and Amy Eshleman

The Ludford Family, DePaul Prep 2017

On behalf of Alfredo Mac Laughlin

The Maggiore Family

The Malarski Family

The Marruenda Family

Sean and Ryan Martin Family

Bernadette Mathews

The May Family

On behalf of Rory McNally

The Melzer Family

The Merkl-Deutsch Family

Anthony Mineo, GT 1977

The Morales Family

Linda Bendixen and William Morgan

The Moreno Family

The Mueller Family

Maxwell Mulderink Family

The Munds Family

The Murino Family

Don Nelson, Faculty

Felicia and Marcelus Nistor

David Nowak, GT 1970

Jeanene DS O'Brien

Tim and Julie O'Brien

Maureen & Martin O'Connor, Board Member

John Olijnyk, GT 1979

Molly Oliver, Staff

Mary and Michael Oliver, Faculty

Rebecca Orr, Faculty

Josue A. Ortiz

Joseph E. Owca, GT 1967

The Owens Family

On behalf of Mauricio Palma

On behalf of Ellis Palmer

The Paluch Family

The Pantovic Family

The Pape Family, Board Member

On behalf of Sophia and Nicholas Pappas

The Parker Family

Stanko Pavlovic, GT 1988

PepsiCo Foundation

Thomas and Anna-Maria Perkins

On behalf of John Graeme Phillips

Danielle Pierce, Faculty

The Pilcher Family

Coey and Thomas Podraza, GT 1967

The Prince Family

Karin Pryor

Diane and James Quaid

Mary Ann and Tim Quinn

Michael Rabideau, Faculty

Clara Radtke & Family

The Reilly Family

The Restis Family

The Retford Family

Silvia and Saul Reynoso

The Rios Family

Antonia Roa

Pat Roa-Perez

Mike Rock, GT 1983

William Rodes, GT 1972

The Roe Family

Arthur Roggow

The Rubey Family

Paula Ryan, Staff

The Sakkas Family

The Sampson Family

The Scaletta Family

Suzanne Santos and Richard Schwegel

The Schwieters Family

The Senne Family

Dave and Kaylea Shuck

The Sikora Family

The Smith Family

The Stern Family

Catherine Stoutner & Thomas Stultz

The Straley Family

The Swartz Family

Paul Swiech, GT 1978

Fr. Gene Szarek, C.R., Board Member

The Tajkowski Family

Ms. Nancy Temple

Jane and Greg Thompson

Jennifer Torres

The Villa Family

The Villatoro Family

The Walsh Foundation

Cathleen Watt

Maureen and Paul White

The Wilson Family

Rebecca Schroeder and Stace Wiselogel

Denise and Tom Wright

Dorothy Wulf and Stanko Pavlovic

Elliott Zimmer, Faculty