Honor Roll of Donors

The Fund For Excellence Annual Appeal supports the DePaul Prep Vision by funding scholarships & tuition assistance, technology enhancements, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) initiatives. Make your year-end gift today!

We recognize and thank our generous donors to the 2018-19 Fund for Excellence:

updated 7/11/19
President's Circle
($5,000 and above)

The Argianas Family, Board Member
Ellen and George Benson
Richard & Ann Carr
Pat and Cathy Chambliss
Congregation of the Resurrection
The DeCaigny Family
The Elzinga Family
Sasha Gerritson & Eugene Jarvis
The Hartman Family
The Hoese Family
The Mueller Family, Board Member
The Patrick Nolan Family
The Pape Family, Board Member
Rick and Alyssa Schultz
Kelly Smith and Family, Board Member
The Walsh Foundation
Peggy & Scott Williams

Scholar Circle
($2,500 - $4,999)

Cushman and Amy Andrews
Brad and Beth Burk
Bryan & Mary Durkin and Jack Durkin ('21)
The Hopkins Family
James & Sara Pettinger

leadership Circle
($1,000 - $2,499) 

The Andreen Family
Sandy & Jerry Burhans
The Camerlingo Family for Dylan Arnett
Alix and John Corboy
Thomas J. Czubak, Weber High '62
Dr. Lawrence Frank and Family, GT '83
The Galiano Family
The Garza Family
Benjamin & Frances Gaw, Jr.
The Gawrit Family
The Harney Family
The Kaminsky Family
Priscilla Kersten - in honor of Laurel Elzinga
The Mosley Family
The Moyer Family
The Novicki Family
Daniel X. & Shawn-Laree O'Neil, GT '85
The Perkins Family
The Peruchini Family
Frank Phillips, GT '86
The Reynaert Family
Mike Rock, GT '83
The Russette Family
The Stevenson Family, Board Member
The Wilson Family

($500 - $999)

The Brown Family
Marty and Heather Cain
Patricia L. Crumley & Eugene Deramus
The Dillon Family
Dinehart Family
Michael D. Ferrarell, GT '74
The Gallagher Family
The Johnson Family
Selena Johnson's Family
The Kavanaugh Family
The King Family
The Kuban Family
The Lobaugh Family
John Mahoney, Weber High '84
Robert & Dana Mangan
Marruenda Family
Christopher J. Michalski, GT '87
The Paluch Family
Roe Family
The Senne Family
Ward Family
The Woodson Family


patrons ($250 - $499)

Anderson Family
Peter Austin
Baddi Family
The Buckley Family
The Cassell Family
Nick and Lael Ceravolo
Brian Downes & Cassie Maziarka
The Doyle Family
Joe & Debbie Ferrari, GT '73
The Garza Family
Amy and Kevin Golden, DePaul Prep Staff
Thomas & Gina Green, GT '84
Christopher John Haller
Bill & Christina Hardin
Page Hartzell
Vivian and Aaron Holton
D. Bradford Hunt
Howard Infante, GT '83
The Insko Family
The Kenyon Family
Jennifer and Joseph Lansing
The Maggiore Family
Schulte/Neumeier Family
Julie and Tim O'Brien, GT Alum
Michael & Mary Oliver
Ellis Palmer
The Pilcher Family, DePaul Prep Staff
The Pyke Family
Dr. Barbara Rieckhoff, Board Member
The Shuck Family
The Stern Family
Ramona Soto Stevenson
The Tomayo Family
The Yohanan Family

sponsors ($100 - $249)

A friend of DePaul Prep
Joseph Adamkiewicz, GT '73
Mark & Margaret Alheim
The Bahu Family
The Bogacz Family
Mary Bunker
The Claudio Family
The Cleland Family
The Cox/Restis Family
The Cox Family
Thomas Cygan, GT '62
The Dace Family
Daniel F. Degnan, GT Alum
Mark Dillon
The Donati Family
The Verna and Mike Donovan Family
The Dunne Family
Henry Dwyer and Helen Murray
EAG Accounting Solutions, Inc.
The Elting Family
Mayola Esteban & Pedro Gonzalez Garcia
Ronald Gajos '74
Dan Galante, DePaul Prep Staff
The Garcia Family
The Garrison Family
Garza Family
Bettina Getz
The Gutierrez Family
James Haderlein, GT Alum
Nell Harte
The Haslwanter Family, DePaul Prep Staff
The Jerabek Family
The Keta Family
Joseph Kopinski, GT '71
Kathleen Krist Krueger
Gregory G. Lawton, GT '69
Michael Lynn
MacLaughlin Family
Ms. Theresa Malinowski
The Martin Family
Martinez/Hilander Family
Gesalle & Orlando Martinez
The McMiller Family: Eric, Tammy, Luke, and Eric II
Anthony Mineo, GT '77
Mr. Todd Morgan & Ms. Pauline Fijalkiewicz
The Munds Family
Peter Munoz, GT '80
John Olijnyk, GT '79
Brett & Magali Olson
The Ouedraogo Family
The Owens Family
Pantovic Family
Phillips Family
The Rzepczynski Family
The Schumacher Family
Schwieters Family
Francine Soliunas
Ms. C. Stoutner
The Sutton Family
Paul Swiech, GT '78
Robert Szott, GT '65
Sydney Tajkowski & Family
Jennifer Perez Warren
Cathleen Watt
The Werner Family
Maureen & Paul White
The Wiselogel Family
The Gary Wodek Family, GT '66

supporters (up to $100)

The Araujo Family
Julie Barreda
The Battaglini Family
Hunter Behrens, Graduating Class of 2020
Scott Birmingham, Weber High '87
Jonathan Braun, DePaul Prep Staff
The Brenner Family
Craig Bryant, DePaul Prep Staff
Mary Jeanne Butera
The Cain Family
Richard A. Capalbo
Joe & Angela Cardo, GT Alum
The Cowan Family
Kate Crane
Martha Cruz & Thomas Norberg
The Darschewski Family, DePaul Prep Staff
Susan and Jeff De La Cruz
Al & Denise DiGianfilippo, GT Alum
Family of St. Barts
Betty Fong Chan
The Glenn Family
Gonzalez Family
Matthew & Amy Hsu
Bruce and Anne Japsen
Lisa Jones
Gibu Joseph "92"
The Kisselburg Family
Richard Kopacz, GT '74
Sheila Leffew, DePaul Prep Staff
The Lewis Family
Jennifer Martinez
Alan Nagorzanski, GT '78
The Rivera Family
Molly Oliver, DePaul Prep Staff
Spiro Papas & Kimberly Landini Papas
The Perkins Family
The Perocevic Family
The Phillips Family
The Retford Family
William Rodes, GT '72
The Roldan Family
Chris Russette
Robert Schmugge, GT Alum
The Sikora Family
J. Sienkiewicz, GT '77
Tom & Lisa Stanton
John & Judy Stoessel, GT '65
Dave Strelecki, GT '79
Steve Thomma, GT '72
Melanie Tomberlin
Judy Trout
On behalf of Keila Villatoro '21
Dorothy Wulf, GT '88
On behalf of Nicholas Yepez '21

in memory of mr. ovidio torres

In Loving Memory of Mr. Ovidio Torres

In memory of Mr. Torres

In memory of Ovidio Luis Torres (Father of Alex Torres, '21).   Love~ Bryan, Mary and Jack Durkin

In memory of Mr. Torres

In memory of Mr. Torres

John, Sara, Ben, Maddie and OT Koehl

In memory of Mr. Torres from Weston Maechling and Family

In memory of Mr. Torres. Our nephew Alex is thriving at DePaul and we are very grateful for that. Thank you for everything!

In Memory and Honor of Ovidio Torres, from the Welsh Family