Honor Roll of Donors

The Fund For Excellence Annual Appeal helps make an extraordinary Catholic education at DePaul College Prep accessible to deserving students by supporting the scholarship and tuition assistance program.

We recognize and thank our generous donors to the 2022-23 Fund for Excellence:

gifts made as of october 14, 2022



President's Circle
($10,000 and above)


Greg Buchholz and Tina Caravette
Lovell Family
Catherine and Bill Perez


Scholar Circle
($5,000 - $9,999)

The Barefield Family
Grateful Alum Family
Nicola and Lael Ceravolo
The Dodds/Nandra Family
The Gipson Family
Craig and Heidi Johnson
The Luthman Family
Amy Waldron

Leadership Circle
($2,500 - $3,599)

Bryce and Nikki Bowman
Galiano Family
Matt, Sara and Lauren Wesley
Kartheiser Family
The Oros Family
Miller and Byron Vance

($1,000 - $2,499)

Ashenden Family
Beebe Family
Team Belvedere
The Brown Family
The Carey Family
The Corkery Family
The Favaro Family
Dobre Family
Alan, Leah, Bryce, and Maci Forester
The Garmey Family
Gerstung Family
The Hand Family
The Horne Family
Intuitive Foundation
The Jelinek Family
The Jerabek Family
The Kasper Family
Brad and Jen Keck
The Lawler Family 
The Lim Family
The Lloyd Family
The Locasso Family
The Mann Family
Marty and Missi Mannion
Mike & Sandy Marsico
John and Debra Martin
The Mayer Family
Matt and Ashley McKee
Bill Faude and Julie Michaelson
The Moyer Family
The Nadel Family
The Ogren Family
Pettinger Family
The Schell Family
The Schuitema Family
The Kumar-Tiseo Family
Scott Zalokar

patrons ($500 - $999)

The Ball Family
Balzarini Family
The Bowers/Rueda Family
The Cannon Family
The Carpenter Family
Adrienne & Chris Chan
The Family of Oliver Chapman
Coughlan Family
Coy-Krumm Family
The Dengler Family
The Donehoo Family
In Memory of Science Teacher, Richard J. Furjanic, Sr. 
The Garcia Family
The Gosz family
The Hofmann Family
The Jashelski Family
Mr. Dennis Johnson and Dr. Amy Johnson
The Kiff Family
The Koo and McKenna Family
Kreuser Family
The Lakomy Family
The Lane Family
Leo Burnett
Josh and Kelly Lerner
Mandy Manning and JJ Betts
The Marsey Family
Anina and Roger McCarron
The Miller Family
Orange Shoe Personal Fitness
Henry & Suzy Persons
The Rhomberg Family
Sheila Rock
Roth Family
The Rothweiler Family
The Rottier Family
Schell Family
Schnack Family
Schuetz Family
Brian and Janette Shea
Maureen and Dmitry Shifrin
Alan Skidelsky
The Szykowny Family
Torres-Carranza Family
The Travers Family
The Vlahos Family
Bodi and Vivienne Ward
Rebecca Weinstein Bacon and Wade Bacon
Wilson Family
William Blair & Company Charitable Matching Gifts

sponsors ($250 - $499)


Anonymous (2)
The Arseneau Family
Araya Family
The Bloom Family
Carpenter Family
Caroline Chambers
The Chesne Family
Chiles Family
The Cloutier Family
The Colquhoun Family
Colman and Kelly Connolly
Contreras Family
The Corbett Family
The Engel Family
Bret & Anna Faford
Dan & Darianne Farley
Frater Family
The Frye Family
Garcia Family
The Gentzen Family
Terry Geoghegan
The Gonzalez Family
The Hallgren Family
Hathcoat Family
The Izraeli Family
Kapp Family
The Knezevic Family
Nana and Pippi
The Devitt Family
The Leadstrom Family
Ray Leffner
The Lynch Family
The Maggiore Family
The Mangoubi Family
The McDonagh Family
The Nwankwo Family
The O'Brien Family
Kellie O'Connell
The O'Neil Family
Rosen Family
Rodriguez Family
The Shiffrin Family
Snee Family
The Stahulak Family
The Stecky Family
Wallenfang Family
The Tassone Family
The Thomas Family
The Trybula Family
Ed Washuk


supporters ($100 - $249)

Anonymous (3)
The Andreen Family
The Benjamin Family
The Buol Family
Butenko Family
Carroll Family
Mike and Mary Chambers
The Collins Family
Mark Croll
The Cruz Family, Adrian Cruz and Gloria Medina
Thomas S. Cygan
Greene Family
Daniel F. Degnan
The Family of Nancy Cate Donahue, Class of 2026
The Doyle Family
The Carbonara Family
The Favela Family
The Friend Family
The Ganschow Family
Garza Family
The Gauger Family
Edward M. Hansen Family
The Janas Family
Jeske Family
Dave and Crissy Johnson
The Leckow Family
The Lee Family
The Lucas Family
The Lussenhop Family
The McMonigal Family
Melsbakas/Malven Family
The Meno Family
The Meyers Family
The Michaels Family
The Minhaj Family
Josh and Lauren Miller
The Moran/Nash Family
The Moriarty Family
The Morris Family
The Moschopoulos Family
Munds Family
Lu Murphy
The Murray Family
Novakovic Family
John Olijnyk and Barbara Hall
Jeff Owen
Paredes Family
The Pease Family
The Phillips Family
The Phillips Family
Rafael Cook & Anne Marie Piazza
Poncher Family
The Rivera Family
Rosenburg Family
The Sacchi Family
Saucedo Family
The Schultz Family
Scianna Family
The Sears Family
The Sessa Family
The Spadafore Family
The Stoutner Stultz Family
Ryan and Jen Trautman
The Vieth Family



Friend ($50 - $99)

Anonymous (3)
The Babcock Family
Pat and Amy Brophy
Buckert Family
Eleanor Cain
The Chapdelaine Family
Dabrowski Family
Dayton Family
The Devens Heimann Family
Dobre Family
Friend of DePaul
The Frampton Family
The Hurley Family
Russell Huxhold Family
Jones Rivera Family
T. Kelly Family
Richard A. Kopacz
The Ryan A. Korte Family
The Lake Family
Lazzari Family
The Lee Family
Ellis-Linderman Family
Mackenzie Family
The Markiewicz Family
The Matvias Family
Meier Family
The Melzer Family
Leighton Miller
Orlow Family
The Pamula Family
The Periolat Family
Pukala Family
John J. Stoessel
The Wolf Family

All In ($1 - $49)

Balodis Family
The Brendel Family
Sheila Leffew
Nagy Family
Molly Oliver Rogowski
Joe Owca
Christine Sato