Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Mission

We at DePaul Prep are actively engaging in an intentional effort to develop a culture that engenders a sense of belonging where ALL are seen and heard. This involves valuing and celebrating our diversity and creating equitable, safe, and inclusive learning environments across our campus. 

We have created a curriculum that will allow for learning, sharing, and  discussion of our identity as a school, but also as individuals, learning how to value the very robust diverse student body that we are at DePaul Prep.

We root this work in our faith and the Gospel, learning how to break down barriers with courage, bringing healing where it is needed and building relationships where there are none. We believe that each person is a unique and beloved creation, wonderfully made in the image and likeness of God. 

DEI @ DePaul Prep in Action

We are all crew, not passengers.

Mikekal McClarin '22,
leading the juneteenth 2020 march

Diving Deep: Racial & Social Justice Training for Faculty & Staff

Shaping Curriculum and the Classroom Experience around DEI Initiatives

Faculty and staff participated in a number of important professional development initiatives in the 2020-21 school year:

  • All faculty and staff members went through a half-day training on “How to be an Ally” in Summer 2020, hosted by Ms. Alyscia Raines and Mr. Omari Keeles of ADR Consulting Group.
  • During our week of Professional Development in August 2020, all teachers did a deep dive into their curriculum mapping.  They broke into groups by departments and later by grade levels.  They spent a full day and a half looking through their curriculums with a lens on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Attention was spent ensure that authors, scientists, researchers, historical figures, and other people of note had equal representation across the board.
  • This winter, 90% of our faculty and staff completed a 12-week Racial Justice Training that took place every other Wednesday morning. The training, An Educator’s Guide for Changing the World: Methods, Models and Materials for Anti-Oppression and Social Justice Workshops, consists of 12 in-person sessions, which were led by english teacher, Ms. Katie Hogan. Going forward, this training will be mandatory for all new faculty and staff members hired.

From our faculty:

“This training definitely gave me a deeper connection to my DePaul Prep community.  It was nice to be in a vulnerable space with others who felt equally challenged or more so. It is wonderful to see each other learning and working together to create change.”

“This training gave me strategies for how to cope with difficult conversations around race in the classroom and taught me that everyone is on a different journey and all of us are still learning.  We will make mistakes but that is okay.”

“Calling someone IN instead of OUT makes them more likely to actually hear what others are saying. If difficult conversations are avoided, students will be taught that race and identity are taboo subjects.”

"I often teach about the injustices in classes like Ethics and Social Justice, but need to (and have started) adding more narratives of power, rebellion and joy of the oppressed groups."

“I appreciated the opportunity to reflect upon and better understand my own identity, and this will help me to work with my students on understanding their identities. Once we better understand our own identities, we will be open to learning and understanding others' identities, culture, hardships, and perspectives.”

Cultural Events & Courageous Conversations throughout the School Year

In today's world language classes, it's not enough to simply include cultural elements in our curriculum. We need to celebrate and embrace the many diverse cultures of the languages we teach while encouraging students to explore them.

Mdme. Britt Parker
French Teacher


DEI Summit - postponed due to COVID-19

visit dEI summit hub


The intention of the multi-school diversity, equity, and inclusion summit is to create space where individuals can come together to see, hear, learn, and flourish from the differences that make us great. We seek to foster and ignite an active awareness by exploring the intersectionality between past generations and where our students embody the theme of “seeing our future together” as a community of Catholic schools.

The diversity of the DePaul Prep community is one of DePaul Prep's greatest strengths because it is this community that pushes the administrators, the teachers and the students to keep diversity, equity and inclusion at the forefront of what they do and how they act.

Ellen Meents-DeCaigny
class of 2021 Parent
DEI Committee

One of our goals is to have all students seen and heard. All of the work we have done this year is designed to ensure that as individuals, students feel valued, a sense of belonging, and that they see the school community as a place where their individuality contributes to the richness of our diversity across our whole school.


Christopher Petersen

Student Government Moderator, Scholastic Bowl Moderator

April Greer

Black Student Union Moderator

Michael Sneed

Assistant Varsity Boys Basketball Coach

Florence Merkl-Deutsch

Megan Stanton-Anderson


Stanley Niemiec

Head Varsity Boys Soccer Coach, Assistant Varsity Girls Soccer Coach