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Welcome to DePaul College Prep!

DePaul College Prep is a Vincentian, Catholic, co-ed, college prep, International Baccalaureate high school offering Chicago’s college-bound students a 21st century approach to education and a close-knit school family that values each student as a person of promise and potential.

DePaul College Prep is located in the heart of the city’s Northside, with deep roots in the community -- and a bold vision for the future. A unique partnership with DePaul University drives and defines this vision. By extending its educational expertise in the areas of curriculum, technology, college counseling and beyond, DePaul Prep’s faculty, staff, and students benefit immensely from the DePaul University partnership. Together, these two institutions are forging a path to equip students for the challenges of a changing world while grounding them in the timeless values of the Catholic tradition.

The best way to get to know DePaul College Prep is to visit and meet our students, faculty, staff and board members. While Fall 2020 continues to to be a challenging time to welcome you to an open house, athletic contest, theater production, academic competition, or concert, we hope you will take part in a virtual tour of our new campus, join us for a virtual meet & greet event and contact us with any questions.


Dr. Megan Stanton-Anderson



Dr. Megan Stanton-Anderson,